Sameera Moussa, the 1st Egyptian atom scientist who died in mysterious circumstances



Thu, 03 Mar 2022 - 11:28 GMT


Thu, 03 Mar 2022 - 11:28 GMT

Sameera Moussa -  Tech-Mag

Sameera Moussa - Tech-Mag

CAIRO – 3 March 2022: On this day -March 3, 1917- the first Egyptian atom scientist and the first teaching assistant in the Faculty of Science at Fouad I University -currently Cairo University- was born.





She is the Egyptian scientist Sameera Moussa. Her father enjoyed a prominent social status among the residents of his village in Zefta, Al-Gharbia Governorate . His house was like a council where the villagers often met to discuss all political and social matters.





Moussa started her education at Senbo Primary School in Zefta. She memorized parts of the Noble Qur’an, and attended Qasr Al-Shouq Primary School in Cairo, then Banat Al-Ashraf  Secondary School. She was ranked first in primary and secondary school nationwide.





Moussa was so intelligent that in 1933 she wrote a book on “Algebra” when she was only sixteen years of age. She chose the Faculty of Science at Fouad I University to further her education, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in 1942. She ranked first among her colleagues.





Dr. Ali Mustafa Musharafa supported her to be the first teaching assistant in King Fouad I’s Faculty of Science. She then traveled to America to further pursue her studies, but she died in an accident, the circumstances of which are still unclear.





Moreover, Moussa was very fond of reading. She was keen to create a large library that included a variety of books, including literature, history, and autobiographies. Her book collection was later donated to the National Research Center.





Furthermore, Moussa also mastered the use of musical notes, playing music, and the art of playing the lute, in addition to developing her other talent in the art of photography by dedicating part of her house to developing and printing photo films.





In addition, Moussa participated in the Student Association for General Culture, which aimed to eradicate illiteracy in the Egyptian countryside, in addition to the Social Renaissance Group, which aimed to collect donations and help poor families. 





Moussa exerted countless efforts in saving homeless children and saving poor families nationwide.





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