How Egyptian, Arab stars commented on the Russian-Ukrainian crises?



Thu, 24 Feb 2022 - 12:49 GMT


Thu, 24 Feb 2022 - 12:49 GMT

Ahmad Falawkas [L], Elissa[M], Nabil el-Halafawi[R] - Compiled photo

Ahmad Falawkas [L], Elissa[M], Nabil el-Halafawi[R] - Compiled photo

CAIRO – 24 February 2022: A number of Egyptian stars were keen to comment on the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, after the outbreak of war between them dawn of Thursday.





The stars generally expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter, hoping that things would calm down between both sides as soon as possible, evading a bigger crisis with the least possible losses.



Mohamed Henedy's comment - Official account





Egypt’s popular comedian Mohamed Henedy satirically commented on the military operation launched by Russia dawn of Thursday against Ukraine through his personal account on Twitter, commenting: “A year of a global epidemic that the world has not witnessed in 100 years, then a year of a world war. All we need now is the invasion of zombies and the visit of aliens!"





Shortly after writing this comment, Henedy tweeted about the crisis between Russia and Ukraine a second time, commenting: "Away from jokes and trends, there are more than 3,000 Egyptians studying in Ukraine. May our Lord protect them and all people."



Somaya el-Khashab


Somaya el-Khashab's comment - Official account



Moreover, Egyptian actress Somaya el-Khashab also commented on her official social media platform saying: “I am tired of planet Earth and human beings who do not know how to live in peace. Two and a half years of COVID-19, and now we are about to enter a third world war. This is disappointing!”




Elissa's comment - Official account




Lebanese star Elissa commented on the crisis via Twitter saying: “Before any other priority, our state must take care of evacuating the Lebanese in Ukraine, who fled the harshness of life in Lebanon and got stuck in the war there. Every failure in this matter is a crime against every man and woman there.”





Halafawy's comment - Official account



Furthermore, Egypt’s veteran actor Nabil el-Halafawy also commented on this matter via his official Twitter account, saying: “Russia does not accept the presence of NATO on its borders, as Egypt did when President  Sisi announced that Sirte is a “red line”. The West does not accept Russian military intervention in Ukraine. I pray that the crisis be limited, and that god grants success to the wise to find a political solution. War has its scourge of loss of lives, construction and destruction. Its negative repercussions surely affects the entire world.



Falawkas' comment - official account





Also, Egypt’s actor Ahmad Falawkas commented through his official Instagram account, saying: “This is a mini world war. On just the first few hours, great losses on the Ukrainian side is obvious. Please be aware that our country must immediately excel in all industries and on every level.”


Alloush's comment - Official account





Kinda Alloush also commented on the crisis via her official Twitter account, saying: “A world without wars  is the biggest dream. A world without political ambitions and greed, without destruction, displacement and death. Safe human beings and children paying the price of ugly political schemes are painful and terrifying, which causes a feeling of helplessness prevail whenever news of a new war emerges.”










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