Camera, Microphone plans African Contemporary Dance workshop



Tue, 11 Jul 2017 - 12:26 GMT


Tue, 11 Jul 2017 - 12:26 GMT

Instructor Nagham Othman conducting the dance workshop. Photo by Nour Eltigani

Instructor Nagham Othman conducting the dance workshop. Photo by Nour Eltigani

CAIRO - 11 July 2017: Camera and Microphone hosted an African contemporary dance workshop conducted by Nagham Othman from July 5 to July 9.

Othman is a rising Sudanese contemporary dance performer who grew up in Cairo. She started dancing hip hop at the age of 10 and was intrigued at the discovery of contemporary dance. “Contemporary dance was so weird to me; I didn’t understand it and it wasn’t prominent in Egypt 10 years ago,” Othman said.

“I was able to find my style in Contemporary dance … I later combined both Sudanese African dances with contemporary dance to create something new,” she continued.


To share this kind of art with the public, Othman collaborated with various art spaces interested in evolving the art scene in Egypt. She performed in various venues and festivals around the world and taught a number of workshops.

Othman is determined to share Sudanese traditional dances with the world. “Sudan is a country full of culture and every culture has its own dance but sadly no one knows about it,” she grieved. “I really want to put Sudan’s name on Dance and Culture Festival,” she persisted.

Camera and Microphone is a facility that provides emerging artists with the equipment and professionalism they need to make it in “show business.”

Instructors there are from various backgrounds including dance, music, theater, and production; allowing artists from various disciplines to combine their talents to make something phenomenal.

“Why would someone go abroad to learn directing and production when we can provide them with the same level of expertise?” Khaled Sakr, director of Camera and Microphone, said.

Camera and Microphone want the Egyptian art scene to compete with that of Western countries.



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