Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Helmy, Nabil El Halafawy, Mohamed Ramadan, Youssef El Sherif are most mentioned celebrities in 2021



Sun, 12 Dec 2021 - 03:02 GMT


Sun, 12 Dec 2021 - 03:02 GMT

File: Ahmed Helmy.

File: Ahmed Helmy.




At the end of each year, Twitter highlights the key conversations which took place on the platform throughout the year. In 2021, following its annual analysis of conversations in Egypt, Twitter is revealing the biggest trends of the year, from topics and emojis, to handles and hashtags. 

Most mentioned celebrity handles

The place to connect, when it comes to celebrities, people from across the world can directly reach out to their favoritecelebrities on Twitter, jumping into conversations or sharing their admiration. Here are the most mentioned Egyptian celebrities of the year:

Most mentioned actors and actresses 

1. Nabil ElHalfawy (@nabilelhalfawy)
2. Yasmine Sabri (@yasminesabri
3. Youssef El Sherif (@ElSherif)
4. Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy)
5. Mohamed Ramadan (@Mohamed_Ramadan)


Most mentioned singers: 


1. Amr Diab (@amrdiab)
2. Tamer Hosny (@tamerhosny)
3. Hamza Namira (@HamzaNamira)
4. Mohamed Mounir (@Mounirofficial)
5. Mohamed Hamaki (@Hamaki)

Egypt’s fastest growing celebrity handle goes to actress and singer @somayaelkhashab

Most liked celebrity Tweets in Egypt​​​​​​

1. Actor Khaled El Nabawy (@KhaledElNabawy) shared his pride for his country in light of the Pharaohs Golden Parade which took place in April. 



2. Actor Ahmed Mekky (@Mekkystyle) Tweets a poster of his show “Al Ikhtiyar” (The Choice) with fellow actor Karim Abdel Aziz (@karimabdelaziz) which aired during Ramadan 2021.



3. Actor Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy) Tweets a photo of himself and fellow actor Karim Abdel Aziz (@karimabdelaziz) asking people to share their captions for the image.



4. Actor Mohamed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy) Tweeted a photo of himself in a wig, with a caption from KathemElsaher’s song. 


5. Actor Ahmed Amin (@AhmedAmin) Tweets a humorouspicture about expectations vs. reality when ordering online, with a funny side-comparison with David Beckam


Lighthearted and Heartwarming Tweets

2021 wasn’t just the year of celebrity, with everyday people showcasing their personalities across the platform, from heart-warming to humorous, here are some of the most liked Tweets of the year:  

1. @AahmedRamzyy Tweeted a humorous video of himself reenacting scenes from old action movies.



2. @m_Sharaawi shared a photo of his father holding a poster with his sister’s name on it, following her graduation from medical school, expressing his pride for both of them. 


3. @Karimkhedr12 shared a photo of his recent artwork.


4. @urfavgangona shared a photo of herself being photobombed by a truck passenger in the streets of Egypt. 




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