Wegz,the most streamed artist in Egypt for the second year in a row



Sun, 05 Dec 2021 - 01:29 GMT


Sun, 05 Dec 2021 - 01:29 GMT

File: Wegz.

File: Wegz.


For the third time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Spotify is celebrating what Egypt has been listening to whilst recognizing the unique aspects which define ‘totally normal’ in 2021. 


 Spotify unveils the top artists, albums, songs, playlists, and podcasts genres from the creators that helped soundtrack the year for more than 381 million users worldwide.


Spotify also launched its personalized user experience and Wrapped campaign inspired by its listeners in Egypt in 2021.


So, what did Egyptians listen to most?


Hip-Hop emerged as the clear winner this year, with several of the genre’s songs and artists dominating the most-streamed lists. This genre has notably evolved in recent years from being influenced mainly by American Trap to adopting a more Mahraganat sound and lyrics that strike a closer chord with local listeners. An example of this is “Keify Keda” by Wegz with Disco Misr which took off by resonating heavily with Gen Zs across social media platforms. Furthermore, Wrapped results reveal that Spotify’s playlist “Melouk El Scene” is the most popular genre playlist in Egypt followed by “AqwaAlmaharagant”. 


With his approachable and distinctive style, Wegzcemented his title of most-streamed artist once again in Wrapped 2021. Four of his songs were among the 10 most-streamed songs in Egypt: “Asyad El Soot” with LZHYMR, “Msh Fair”, “3afareet El Asphalt'' and “Hustla”.


Commenting on the news, Wegz said: “I can’t explain how happy I am to be Spotify’s top streamed artist in Egypt for the second year in a row. A big thank you to the best fans in the world, wouldn’t be here without you!” 


Marwan Pablo, rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who had previously announced his retirement in March 2020 came back even stronger this year in Wrapped 2021, taking over the most-streamed song list in Egypt with “Ghaba”. Additionally, his song "CTRL" was the most-played song on Spotify during the Egyptian mummy parade, underscoring his role as a cultural influencer



Marwan Moussa, who ranked fifth among the most-streamed artists in Egypt, won first place for the most-streamed album Florida. With 13 tracks on the album, “Tesla” ranks seventh in the list of the most-streamed songs. Moussa recently released his single “Hustle” with Alyoungofficial and Randarofficial.


Albums featuring pop music remain a favorite


El HadabaAmr Diab maintains his position as the second most-streamed artist in Egypt, and his album Sahran is the second most-streamed album this year. Hamza Namirahas made it to the top five with his album Mawloud Sanat80, which has become the third most-streamed album in Egypt. Megastar Mohamed Hamaki also made a strong impression on listeners this year, earning two positions for his albums Ya Fatenny and Kol Yom Men Dah.



Wrapped is a great time to celebrate the creators that defined 2021, but what about the Wrapped experience?


To complement these results, the Wrapped campaign and personalized user experience launch today, offering a reflection into users’ listening journey throughout the year.  Spotify has added features to enhance its fans’ experience by adding new data stories to express their year in audio. So in addition to listeners’ top artists, genres, songs, podcasts and minutes listened, the personalized Wrapped experience now includes all-new features including 2021: The MovieYour Audio AuraPlaying Cards, and 2021 Wrapped: Blend. Check out Spotify For the Record for all the details on these new features. 


Recognizing Spotify fans’ love for sharing their Wrapped Cards with their social circles, TikTok has been added to the list of platforms for Wrapped shareability which already include Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 


Spotify has also rolled out its Wrapped creator experience for artists. With access to their own individualized Wrapped microsite experience, creators can dive into all the ways in which their fans listened this year. Check out Spotify for Artists to learn more. 


Head over to spotify.com/wrapped to enjoy the Wrapped experience and catch Spotify billboards featuring the artists, albums, and songs that defined Egypt's “totally normal” across Cairo.  



To learn more about Spotify's 2021 Wrapped results in Egypt, see below:

Egypt’s Most Streamed Artists: 

1. Wegz
2. Amr Diab
3. Marwan Pablo
4. Abyusif
5. Marwan Mousa
6. BTS
7. Lege-Cy
8. The Weeknd
9. Mohamed Hamaki
10. Afroto


Egypt’s Most Streamed Songs: 

1. Ghaba” by Marwan Pablo
3. Asyad El Soot” by Wegz and LZHYMR
4. CTRL” by Marwan Pablo
5. Msh Bel 7ozoz” by Afroto
6. SIRI” by Shahyn
7. Tesla” by Marwan Moussa
8. 3afareet El Asphalt” by Wegz
9. Msh Fair” by Wegz
10. Hustla” by Wegz



Egypt’s Most Streamed Albums: 

1. Florida” by Marwan Moussa
2. Sahran” by Amr Diab
5. SOUR” by Olivia Rodrigo
7. Planet Her” by Doja Cat
8. After Hours” by The Weeknd



Egypt’s Most Popular Spotify playlist: 

1. التوب
2. ملوك السين
3. أقوى المهرجانات
4. Today's Top Hits
5. Hot Hits Egypt
6. Sleep
7. قلبي دق
8. Top Gaming Tracks
9. روقان
10. Top Arabic Hits - Yalla يلا

Egypt’s Most Streamed Podcast Genres on Spotify:

1. Society & Culture
2. Comedy
3. Education
4. Music
5. Health & Fitness
6. Arts
7. News
8. Business
9. Religion & Spirituality
10. True Crime



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