Darren Aronofsky shares his vast experience with GFF guests



Tue, 19 Oct 2021 - 09:08 GMT


Tue, 19 Oct 2021 - 09:08 GMT

Festival Plaza witnessed yesterday, October 17, a conversation with one of the world’s most iconic filmmakers who’s known for his genre-breaking and disruptive works, Darren Aronofsky. The masterclass was moderated by the GFF programmer Teresa Cavina.

The Academy Award-nominated American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky was introduced by GFF’s Festival Director Intishal Al Timimi, Artistic Director Amir Ramses and the festival’s Co-founder and COO Bushra Rozza. The Brooklyn-born director expressed his happiness to visit Egypt again, as his last time to visit was in 1987, «I will keep coming back to Egypt,» he said.
Aronofosky, opened his talk
reflecting on his movie, The Fountain, stating that this film took a very
long process, but it’s a movie that inspired him, although it wasn’t a big commercial idea for a lot of people, but it was a movie that he wanted to make.
As for his most controversial movie, Mother!, he said that it made so many people angry that he even got angry messages from people, but
on the other hand it got hype and excitement from many other people, and when the audience asked him about his favorite scene he answered that his favorite and least favorite one, when they had to kill the baby.
He added that, this movie is very personal to him, he had the idea
and then in 5 days it was written, by having so much energy working on it, many people started asking him what character symbolizes/ represents him
in that movie.
As for the Oscar awarded film
Black Swan, he said that in the preparations period he travelled around the world to watch The Swan Lake show and how it’s being presented in different countries, and for his surprise in Russia it had a happy ending.
The masterclass witnessed a huge attendance, who took the chance to ask him all industry-related and personal questions.
“The main thing is trust”, this was his answer when the attendees
asked him about the relationship between the actor and the director. When trust is built and you have good communication, the actor will put their heart into the work. He added that directors must let the actors have their own direction, and to respect their talents.
Some important quotes of Aronofsky during his masterclass: 
“I want to make cinema that makes audience know what inside the characters heads”

 “For all the filmmakers it is not important to have a film that is full of tricks but rather you need to turn those tricks to tools.”

“I wasn’t interested to do a film about drugs, so if it is drugs or chocolate it is the matter of the feeling before and after.”

“ I tried to make films that inspire me.”

“ When you work hard enough on a thing that is long enough people will appreciate that.”

“ All the main characters in my movies died at the end expect for Noah movie.”

“Filmmaker has to be extremely honest with his actors telling them exactly what he will do.”

“Sometimes filmmaker says to his actors, trust me I want to mess with your head a little bit.”

“My advice to all actors, go through every single line in the script and make sure you understand every line.”



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