GFF witnesses the launch of Noura Initiative



Mon, 18 Oct 2021 - 12:56 GMT


Mon, 18 Oct 2021 - 12:56 GMT

CAIRO - 18 October 2021: As part of an ongoing partnership between GFF and UNFPA Egypt,  a VIP guest list of Egyptian Ministers arrived at El Gouna City for a special event to launch a new initiative titled Noura on October 17.



Looking to 'invest in girls in Egypt', the initiative looks to provide support for disenfranchised young women across Egypt, and a whole host of guests came out in support, including Naguib Sawiris, representative of the National Council of Women and several Egypt-based foreign ambassadors.



The initiative comes under the umbrella of The Girls Assets Framework, a programme with the aim of providing guidance to design and implement girl-centered programmes focused on reaching the most marginalized adolescent girls.


It is a holistic and comprehensive programme that targets households, communities as well as services that surround adolescent girls. 

Nabila Makram: I visited my catholic school in Alexandria and met the girls there they were so honored to see one of their school graduates became a minister.

Nabila Makram: I told them that it is ok to make mistakes because at the end we learn from them.

Rania El Mashaat: I thank everyone who is working on gender issues, special thanks to head of National Council for Women Dr Maya Morsy.

Rania El Mashaat: I believe that Noura will teach girls social and economic skills.

Hala el Saeed: Noura is an initiative aiming to enhance life of girls today and tomorrow.

Hala el Saeed: Noura initiative will empower girls both socially and economically.

Hala el Saeed: Empowering Women is crucial for economic growth.

Rania El Mashaat: Noura initiative will speak with girls to see what is the best for them.

Maya Morsy: It is my pleasure to be today with you all to launch Noura initiative tailor made for young girls.

Maya Morsy: I want to give a big clap to great Egyptian lady Yousria Sawirs, I was honored to work with her before and she worked to increase percentage of women in the parliament.

Maya Morsy: I am happy today to join my friends, female ministers of Egypt to launch Noura initiative.

Maya Morsy: Empowering women is empowering the nation and empowering young women is empowering the future of this nation.

Maya Morsy: Noura name is driven from light, this light will bright the future of young Egyptian girls.

Maya Morsy: we determine to have a better future for Egyptian women and girls.

UNFPA global goodwill ambassador Catarina Furtado through the years I was invited as guest speakers for girls to share my experience.

UNFPA global goodwill ambassador Catarina Furtado: It is possible to empower women and girls through education and by knowing their potential.

Secretary General of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood Sahar El Sonbaty: I am so happy to be here today to witness the launch of an amazing initiative like Noura.

Maya Morsy: till now I think every day what to give back to the community.

Maya Morsy: I talk daily with women and girls and encourage them, encouragement is literally the holy stick.

Nabila Makram: Women is the best to throw the seeds for a better future to Egypt.

Rania el Mashaat: At the age of seven they asked me what do you want to be? I said to get my PHD, this reflected my passion with education.

Maya Morsy: I was raised in girls school who taught us to think daily what are we going to give back to the community.

Rania el Mashaat: To every girl you can achieve whatever you want.

Hala el Saeed: The important thing that I always kept in my mind is the I have to excel, whether in my work or education, I have to do my best.

Hala el Saeed: To every girl, listen to your parents, your professors and seek guidance.

Maya Morsy: we are working in every single house in Egypt, through Noura we are going to talk with young girls and families.

Maya Morsy: Our female ministers will go to every single place in Egypt and all rural areas to speak with girls.

Nabila Makram: we can perform some training courses from our expatriates to our young girls in Noura initiative.

Rania el Mashaat: Gender equality is extremely important because gender equality increases GDP.

Hala el Saeed: The major reason of unemployment for women and girls is the lack of technology.




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