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Thu, 30 Sep 2021 - 12:42 GMT


Thu, 30 Sep 2021 - 12:42 GMT

International Translation Day - Seminarsonly

International Translation Day - Seminarsonly

CAIRO – 30 September 2021: On September 30 of every year, the International Translation Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the work of language specialists, who play an important role in bringing countries together, and facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to development and enhancing global peace and security.




According to UNESCO, translation is a noble profession centered on knowledge and a cultural and creative space. Its importance is manifested in the fact that it leads to the convergence of cultures and peoples, and the dissemination of their various sciences on a larger scale, instead of limiting their usefulness to the local community. 




Translation also allows for a dialogue of cultures between different peoples and nations, with different languages, ethnicities and beliefs, rather than withdrawing locally in an era when globalization has become the biggest feature.




In realizing the importance of translation, the International Federation of Translators (founded in 1953) launched the idea of celebrating the International Translation Day in 1991, as an occasion to show cooperation between translators around the world, and to enhance the importance of translation and the work of translators.




Then the United Nations General Assembly responded to this proposal and recognized and celebrated this day for the first time on September 30, 2017.




Proceeding from the importance of translation, the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science developed the national plan for translation, which was approved by the Conference of Ministers Responsible for Cultural Affairs in the Arab World in Algeria, May 9-11, 1983.




The United Nations explained the reason for choosing September 30 to celebrate the International Day of Translation, as on September 30 it celebrates the feast of Saint Jerome, the translator of the Bible, who is considered the patron saint of translators.




Every year since 2005, the United Nations invites all its staff, accredited Permanent Mission staff and students from selected partner universities to compete in the St. Jerome Translation Competition at the United Nations. It is a competition that rewards the best translations in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and German.








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