Heliopolis Library to host symposium on Black Fungus on Sept. 6


Sun, 05 Sep 2021 - 01:04 GMT

FILE - Heliopolis Library

FILE - Heliopolis Library

CAIRO – 5 September 2021: On September 6 at 5 p.m. the Heliopolis Library will host the launch of an expanded educational symposium on the black fungus.




The symposium will focus on the definition of black fungus, the nature of its infection, as well as methods of prevention and treatment.




Also, the attendees’ inquiries about the vaccine of the Corona virus will be answered, and the circulated rumors will be discussed.




Head of the Heliopolis Association Nabil Helmy indicated that the symposium presents scientific facts about the relationship between fungi and diseases in humans; as well as the relationship between Covid-19 and the increase in the number of cases infected with the black fungus; and the impact of medical practices on the emergence of such cases.




The symposium will also review the cases most susceptible to infection with the fungus, the symptoms that indicate infection and how to diagnose and treat it.




Black fungus is also called “Mold Fungus”, or “Mucous Membrane Fungus”, and is normally very rare. It is the result of exposure to mold usually found in soil, manure, decomposing plants, fruits and vegetables.




It affects the sinuses, brain and lungs, and can threaten the lives of people with diabetes, or people with severe immunodeficiency, such as cancer patients, or people with HIV.







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