June 21 marks World Music Day



Mon, 21 Jun 2021 - 11:39 GMT


Mon, 21 Jun 2021 - 11:39 GMT

World Music Day - via Current Affairs

World Music Day - via Current Affairs

CAIRO – 21 June 2021: Music is a cultural, aesthetic and educational necessity that brings people closer to each other, and combines the various close goals related to the creativity of musicians.




World Music Day is an occasion for the exchange of ideas among the people of the world and creates an atmosphere of artistic cooperation between international and national music institutions.




On that day, music conferences, festivals, competitions and exchanges between music experts in the field of music are encouraged.




On June 21, 1982 the French Ministry of Culture launched an initiative entitled "Play Music on Music Day". Thousands of professional and amateur musicians and music lovers participated in this initiative.




The Mediterranean and the Francophone countries were the first to participate in this unique initiative.




Since June 21 has been recognized as World Music Day, it has become a global celebration, and the Arab countries have also participated in this global initiative.




World Music Day aims at reviving people’s cultural and artistic taste, and creating communication and intellectual and artistic exchange. Music creates a cultural and civilized atmosphere, especially through the organization of festivals and various musical professions.




World Music Day is the largest international musical event in the world celebrated by the five continents. This great free popular phenomenon was celebrated by more than 123 Arab and Western countries from all over the world. 




Moreover, World Music Day is considered an important national holiday in many countries such as Italy, Greece, Colombia, Luxembourg, and other countries in which music is an essential part of its culture and heritage.




This day is a real multi-media tour around the world for the feasts of music and musicians, which is accessible to its large and wide audience, as organizers from all continents of the world, directly via the Internet, send pictures of this event. The aim is to value, differ and diversify this event and the universality in its concept.




The idea of holding the Festival of Music was launched by the French Minister Jacques Lang, who was Minister of Culture at the time, and the Director of Music and Dancing Maurice Fleury.




They wanted to create a place for jazz, rock and to singing along with classical music. They especially wanted to value amateur performances.  This unique French idea became World Music Day, a world music festival, and its exportation was very successful.




The celebration of Music Day is a celebration of popular culture, its role in demonstrations, its inciting of power, and its most important experiences. 




Many countries in the world eagerly await World Music Day with its various atmospheres and free music celebrations aimed at discovering the various types of culture through this universal language that everyone understands, as music has different colors: Arabic, Western, Jazz, Classical, among others.




World Music Day witnesses the organization of concerts around the world that cater to all tastes, in the presence of artists from different countries to learn and discover the musical heritage around the world.




It is a major celebration of its kind and is open to music lovers, whether they are beginners, amateur or professional artists, and those who mix the colors of music, and address the huge crowds in order to present their new works, especially in the new and distinctive musical colors that are currently prevalent, such as rap, hip-hop, rai and other diverse and different types of music.




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