ET commemorates Egypt’s legendary film-villain Mahmoud el-Meligy on his death anniversary



Sun, 06 Jun 2021 - 11:09 GMT


Sun, 06 Jun 2021 - 11:09 GMT

FILE - Mahmoud el-Meligy

FILE - Mahmoud el-Meligy

CAIRO – 6 June 2021: Mahmoud el-Meligy is one of the most famous Egyptian actors who excelled the role of the villain in the Egyptian cinema.


He was born on December 22, 1910. Features of his acting talent began in the theater of the Khedivial High School.


He started his artistic career in the Fatima Rushdie Theatrical Troupe, where he participated with her in his first film "Marriage", and with legendary Umm Kulthum in her first film "Widad".


His role in "Qais and Layla" marked the beginning of the evil roles for which he was best known.


Meligy presented with the late actor Farid Shawky a successful duet that lasted for decades.


As for the role of Mohammad Abu Sweilem in the movie “El-Ard” [The Land], is considered a culmination of his artistic work and one of the greatest roles he has presented.


Meligy has participated in acting in about 500 works of art, between films and television series. He is also one of the actors who have been distinguished by multiple abilities to embody different characters on the radio.


The late actor was granted many awards, including: The Medal of Sciences and Arts from the Supreme Council of Arts and Social Sciences in 1964, State Encouragement Award in 1972, Certificate of Appreciation in the Art Festival 1977 and the Gold Medal for First Pioneers.


He was also appointed as a member of the Shura Council in 1980.


To everyone's surprise, Meligy died on June 6, 1983, after suffering a heart attack on the acting set, while he was preparing to shoot his last footage in the movie "Ayoub". 





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