Egypt’s Amal Maher announces retiring from artistic scene


Wed, 02 Jun 2021 - 10:50 GMT

FILE - Amal Maher

FILE - Amal Maher

CAIRO – 2 June 2021: Egypt’s singer Amal Maher announced her retirement from the artistic scene due to circumstances beyond her control.




This came 24 hours after she announced the breakoff of her engagement.




On her official Facebook account, Maher said, “My dear fans, who supported me for years and years and were my constant companions, due to circumstances that are personal and beyond my control, I declare that I will be completely away from the artistic community and artistic activity, wishing all my fans all the best and happiness in this life.”


Amal Maher

Amal Maher's post on Facebook - Facebook/Amal Maher




As for the possibility that she ever returns to singing, Maher explained that everything is possible but only God knows. Also, as for her upcoming album that was supposed to be released soon, Maher explained that this step will be postponed until further notice.




Maher concluded her Facebook post by saying: “Thank you to everyone who supported me in my artistic journey and in my life, thank you to all the Arab audiences from the ocean to the Gulf. I enjoyed you a lot over the years and you were the best audience.”




Amal Maher is an Egyptian singer. Her powerful voice has captured the hearts of many listeners; she is heavily influenced by late legendary singer Umm Kulthum. 




She has performed many concerts in Egypt and neighboring countries, and in her concerts she often pays tribute to Umm Kulthum. In 2009, she appeared in several festivals in the region. 




Maher is considered one of the most talented artists of her generation; she began singing as a child and was discovered by the general public at the age of 15 by singing the songs of Umm Kulthum. 




Deciding to forgo traditional schooling, Maher enrolled at the Conservatory of Arabic music to start a singing career. She soon met composer Mohamed Diaa, whom she eventually married. The couple has a son named Omar. 




Diaa helped Maher release a song and a video clip for “Ely Binak W Binah”. The song was popular on radio and television. 




Maher recorded her first song in 2006 and received the support of late Ammar el-Sherei, considered by Maher to be a god father and a loyal supporter and mentor. 




In 2004, she released her first album, “Isa 'Ini Ana” with many hits such as “Eini Aliki Ta Tiba”,” Makanak”, “Alo El Malayka”, “Ana El Basha Ghona”, “Ana Baadak” and “Ya Masr”.





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