Jack Lang: Egyptian-French cultural cooperation is always strong, active, not limited to one year


Sun, 16 May 2021 - 09:10 GMT

File: Jack Lang during his interview with Extra News channel.

File: Jack Lang during his interview with Extra News channel.

CAIRO - 16 May 2021: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi visited the French Capital on Sunday to attend the Paris Conference for Supporting Sudan's Transitional Period and the Funding African Economies Summit held on May 17-18, respectively.


The Egyptian president is attending upon an invitation by his French counterpart Emanuel Macron in alignment with the close ties between both countries, and the vital Egyptian role in backing the transitional phase in neighboring Sudan on both the international and regional scales.


That is in addition to the heavy weight of Egypt on the African continent, which reinforces international initiatives aimed at supporting African states.



On the sidelines of President Sisi visit, Egyptian TV channel Extra News performed an interview with former French minister of culture Jack Lang who said that the Egyptian-French cultural relation is strong and active and that the French people strongly love Egyptians and their contemporary history.

Lang added that the Egypt did a great job pertaining to increasing the size of Suez Canal which is considered a massive achievement that makes him so proud of the Egyptian government and people.
Commenting on the role France plays in the archeology sector in Egypt, Lang assured that the French archeology laboratories in Egypt play significant role, adding that French people are strongly passionate about the Egyptian Civilization and that there is a big pavilion in Louvre Museum that houses Egyptian artifacts.
During the interview Lang praised the role played by Institut Francais d’Egypte ( The French Institution In Egypt) saying that it houses a number of experienced cadres and that the institution presents  high quality knowledge that increase the educational level of all those who graduated from the French Institution in Egypt.
Lang added that 2019 was the year of French culture in Egypt and in this year a number of successful culture events and exhibitions  took place, but the former French minister of culture recounted that the Egyptian-French cultural cooperation is always strong and active and not limited to only one year.
As the head of l’Institut du Monde Arabe, Lang said that the institution presents a number of services to the Egyptian community  in France and organized a number of exhibitions. 
Lang added that from three years the institution organized an exhibition for Suez Canal and another exhibition for Christians in the Middle East, this exhibition witnessed the participation of a number of Egyptian Christians who are living in France.
Also the institution organized an artistic exhibition tailor made to honor a number of Arab icons such as Fayrouz, Warda and Asmahan.
Lang added he met with President Sisi during an official dinner performed on the sidelines of the previous Egyptian-French summit that took place in December, 2020.
President Sisi said to Lang that Dalida is one of the worldwide acclaimed icons and that Egyptian people love her a lot.
Lang added that the whole world was dazzled by the Pharaohs Golden Parade that took place on April 3 where Egypt transferred 22 royal mummies from Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.
It is worth mentioning that France hosted King Ramses II mummy in 1976.



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