Celebrating birthday of renowned Egyptian comedian Zeinat Sedky


Tue, 04 May 2021 - 02:36 GMT

File: Zeinat Sedky.

File: Zeinat Sedky.





CAIRO - 4 May 2021: Her unique sense of humor engraved her love in our hearts despite that it has been over 40 years since her death. 

Veteran comedian Zeinat Sedky managed to draw the smile on our faces for many years and she still does through her funny genuine performance. 

Sedky was born in Alexandria governorate in May 4, 1913. Her passion with acting drove her to study at the “Ansar el Tamseel” (Acting Supporters) Institute, which was founded by veteran Egyptian actor and director Zaki Tolimat, but her father pushed her to quit studying and marry at an early age. Her marriage lasted only for one year before she was divorced. 

She started her career first as a singer with some small troupes before being discovered by the legendary Egyptian actor Naguib el-Rihany, giving her the first role in one of his plays. 

Sedky starred with most of the great artists at the time such as Youssef Wahby, Ismail Yassin, Shadia, Abdel Halim Hafez, Anwar Wagdy among others. Her cinematic repertoire contains more than 400 movies. 

She was famous for performing the role of the funny maiden, a woman who always insults, and the loyal maid who always supports her lady. 

Sedky was one of the female comedy pioneers in the Egyptian cinema along with Mary Mounib and Wedad Hamdy, despite this fact, at the end of her career, her stardom started to decline, the matter that drove Sedky to sell her furniture in order to cover her expenses. 

The actress who made millions laugh, found nobody at the end of her life to console her. 

Everyone turned their backs on her until former Egyptian president Mohamed Anwar el-Sadat gave her an award at The Art Feast in 1976 and granted her an exceptional pension. 

She suffered from plenty of health problems before her death including pulmonary edema. 

Her last movie was entitled “Bent Esmha Mahmoud” (A Girl Named Mahmoud), which was six years before her death. Sedky Died on 1978 leaving behind a large history of undying movies that will continue live on ever after.




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