Memory of the day: Death anniversary of Egypt’s legendary musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab in 1991


Tue, 04 May 2021 - 01:03 GMT

FILE - Late musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab

FILE - Late musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab

CAIRO – 4 May 2021: On May 4, many important events that changed the world map took place.



Important world events: 


1814 - Napoleon Bonaparte arrives in exile on the island of Elba.


1904 - The drilling of the Panama Canal begins.


1924 - The Kirkuk massacre (May 1924) occurred between the Assyrian and Turkmen factions, killing and wounding 200 people.


1979 - Margaret Thatcher becomes prime minister in the United Kingdom, and the first woman to hold the position.


2018 - The Royal Swedish Academy decides to postpone the Nobel Prize in Literature of 2018 to 2019.



Egyptians who passed away on this day:


1991 - Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Egyptian musician.


2010 - Mahmoud el-Saadany, Egyptian journalist.




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