Egyptian Pilot Ashraf Abou el Yousr passes away of Health Problems



Sat, 24 Apr 2021 - 03:01 GMT


Sat, 24 Apr 2021 - 03:01 GMT

File: Ashraf Abou el Yousr and Mohamed Ramadan.

File: Ashraf Abou el Yousr and Mohamed Ramadan.

CAIRO - 24 April 2021: Egyptian suspended pilot Ashraf Aboul-Yosr passed away of at the intensive care unit in one of the hospitals after suffering from critical Health Problems.


Few days ago the Cairo Economic Court issued a decree that forced famed Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan to pay Abou el Yousr 6 millions L.E.


This crisis started when the  suspended pilot Ashraf Abou el Yousr  appeared in a video in the cockpit with Mohamed Ramadan while the latter was going to Riyadh to perform a concert. 


The Mohamed Ramadan incident caused Abou  el Yousr suspension from work. 



The suspended pilot previously stated to the media that the type of plane he was flying with Ramadan was a private plane, and not the typical commercial plane that accommodates over 200 passengers. 


He went on to explain that in a private plane there are no boundaries between the pilot and the passenger(s). 


The suspended captain further explained that Ramadan asked his permission to enter the cockpit and take a photo and video with him to later show it to his son. 


The captain agreed under the condition of him (Ramadan) not touching any of the cockpit’s control buttons or equipment. 


The captain was later shocked to find out the picture was actually a video that went viral on social media, uploaded with a song in the background. 


The captain referred to his knowledge that allowing someone inside the cockpit is illegal and totally forbidden under the international regulations of aviation, but he said that this was a usual thing that often occurs in private jets. 


This is why the captain agreed on letting Ramadan take this photo, after promising that the picture will only be for personal use. 


Abou el Yousr added that Ramadan did not ask about him, or do anything to fix his problem after the video caused him to get suspended for life, despite having promised him to use his connections to lift the ban off of him while they were flying back to Egypt from KSA. 



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