Ancient Egyptian queens will hold court at the Canadian Museum of History from May19-August 29



Sat, 10 Apr 2021 - 02:42 GMT


Sat, 10 Apr 2021 - 02:42 GMT

File: Queen Nefertiti.

File: Queen Nefertiti.

CAIRO - 10 April 2021: The Canadian Museum of History will host the spectacular exhibition “Queens of Egypt” which is tailor made to showcase ancient Egyptian queens who wielded power and influence in Ancient Egypt.


The exhibition will be presented from May 19 to August 29 at the Canadian Museum of History.

“ Queens of Egypt” will contain more than 300 iconic objects including queen Nefertari’s burial chamber.



The burial chamber of this queen is one of the most beautiful known tombs of Ancient Egypt. 



“Queens of Egypt” will be an immersive multisensory experience that sheds light on the important military, political, diplomatic and religious roles of seven legendary female figures of the New Kingdom, including Nefertari and Nefertiti.

The exhibition will feature outstanding pieces from the Museo Egizio of Turin (Italy), which houses the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt, and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, home to the world’s largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Among the objects from Cairo, presented for the first time in North America, visitors will come face to face with an immense statue representing Hatshepsut, one of the few women of that era to have become a pharaoh.

“Queens of Egypt will offer an unforgettable glimpse into one of history’s most important civilizations from the perspective of women,” said Jean-Marc Blais, Director General of the Canadian Museum of History.


The Canadian Museum of History exhibition experiences will be enhanced with an area dedicated to interactives, multiple events as well as an exclusive exhibition of contemporary works by female Egyptian artists, developed in collaboration with the Embassy of Egypt.

Adapted by the Canadian Museum of History, Queens of Egypt is an exhibition developed by Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, in collaboration with Museo Egizio of Turin (Italy).

Located on the shores of the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Quebec, the Canadian Museum of History welcomes over 1.2 million visitors each year. The Museum’s principal role is to enhance Canadians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the events, experiences, people and objects that have shaped Canada’s history and identity, as well as to enhance Canadians’ awareness of world history and culture. Work of the Canadian Museum of History is made possible in part through financial support of the Government of Canada.



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