Egypt’s superstar Mohamed Ramadan the 1st ever playable Arab character in ‘Free Fire' game



Sat, 27 Mar 2021 - 04:11 GMT


Sat, 27 Mar 2021 - 04:11 GMT

File: Mohamed Ramadan.

File: Mohamed Ramadan.


CAIRO - 27 March 2021: Egypt’s superstar Mohamed Ramadan became  the first ever playable Arab character in ‘Free Fire' game.
Free Fire is a battle royale game released by Garena for Android and IOS.
This game has more than 80 million daily active users around the world.

Free Fire announced that Ramadan will be the upcoming character to be added to the game in a future update, to be the first ever playable Arab character in the 'Battle Royale' game.



:Leading Egyptian production company Synergy released the official poster of Mohamed Ramadan’s series ‘Moussa’ which is scheduled to screen on Ramadan 2021.




Ramadan resumed shooting  “Moussa”series.

Egypt’s Union of Artistic Syndicate declared that it has dropped the investigation of Egyptian megastar Mohamed Ramadan pertaining to accusing him of normalizing with Israel.

The syndicate has cancelled as well the suspension that was imposed on Ramadan since November 23.
As a result Ramadan resumed shooting  “Mousa” series that is scheduled to be released during the upcoming Ramadan TV season.
Ramadan was in hot water after facing accusations of normalizing with Israel.



These accusations came over photos and videos that went viral on social media platforms of the Egyptian star with some Israeli artists and footballers at an artistic event in the UAE.



The state of controversy reached its peak when some official social media platforms managed by the Israeli government posted these photos and commented that arts work to bring nations closer.




As a result Ramadan posted on his social media platforms the Palestinian flag.


The Egyptian actor justified his stance by saying that he had taken hundreds of photos with fans during his visit to UAE and he is "not supposed to ask each of his fans about his/her nationality.





Few days ago Ramadan promoted to his upcoming song titled “Versace”.


It is worth mentioning that World Music Awards highlighted the success of  Ramadan duo with Maitre Gims ‘ Ya Habiby’.






Ramadan has over 3.3 Billion views on his YouTube channel and is the most followed Arab Artist on YouTube.












Ramadan revealed that his new series "Mousa" will be released in Ramadan 2021.


Also, Ramadan talked about the details of the work, explaining that he will participate in the series with a large number of stars, most notably abeer Sabry and Somaya el Kashab. The series is written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Mohamed Salama.






Ramadan appeared on the world’s most famous OOH landmark, Times Square in New York City to promote his song “TikTok”.


“TikTok” featured beside Ramadan American Rapper and DJ Super Sako.

The song achieved booming success in New York and the Arab world.


One of the largest DOOH’s in Times Square was screening the best snapshots of “ TikTok” music video which is produced by TikTok app and directed by Egyptian director Hossam el Hosseiny.


Ramadan performed in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, November 21 as part of Riyadh season concerts. 


Ramadan managed to break a new record by becoming the “most viewed” celebrity in the Middle East.


Ramadan’s official YouTube channel surpassed 2 billion views, easily placing him on the throne of the most viewed artists of the Middle East. 


“Thank God my channel on YouTube surpassed the 2 billion mark in terms of viewership, making it the most watched channel of an Arabic artist,” commented Ramadan previously on a picture uploaded on his official Instagram account. 


Soon after, hundreds of thousands of the star’s followers and fans congratulated him on his new achievement. 




On a similar note, Ramadan presented his latest series "El-Prince" which was produced by Synergy, and was screened last Ramadan. The series which was written and directed by Mohamed Samy, achieved booming success.


Director Tamer Karam is collaborating with Ramadan in a new theatrical work that will be announced during the coming period after settling on the final details. 


Ramadan's "Mafia" amassed 140 million views on YouTube 7 months after its release. “Mafia” has taken all social media platforms by storm, and was the most searched on Google, making it the trend of the first days of 2019. 


The clip achieved millions of views a few hours after its launch on Ramadan’s official YouTube channel. Ramadan received appraisal from his fans on the clip, which he presented in a distinctive way. 


Ramadan launched on July, 2019 on his official YouTube channel a video of his latest song, "Ensay", which is a duet performed with Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred. 



“ Ensay” was filmed in the streets of Paris and in one of the French palaces to add an archaeological element to the dazzling movements of the stars to rhythm of the song. 


The song is a blend of rap and oriental music. “Ensay” was No. 1 trend in Egypt, the Arab region and most of the countries of Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. 





Ramadan started his career with small roles in TV series like “The Cindrella" until he had his big chance in Yousry Nasrallah's “Ehky Ya Shahrazad” (Tell me, Shahrazad). 


He then became the star of movies produced by famous Egyptian producer Ahmed el-Sobky, which made him one of the most famous actors in the Middle East. 


Mohamed Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by internationally acclaimed late actor Omar Sharif, who stated that he had chosen the young actor to perpetuate his acting career. 


Moreover, famed international star Jean-Claude Van Damme previously praised Ramadan in a video published by Ramadan on his official Instagram account, after the two actors collaborated in an advertisement. 


"Hey, Mohamed Ramadan, how are you? It was great working with you. I appreciate your kindness. You're a great actor, good face, good body and one day may be we will work together, we'll see, inshallah," the famed actor and kickboxing star said in the video. 


In 2019 Ramadan participated in the Ramadan marathon with his latest series "Zelzal" alongside Hala Shiha, Hanady Mehana, Maged el Masry Ahmed Seyam, Nesrine Amin, Youssef Osman, among others. 


In "Zelzal", Ramadan performs the role of both the father and son, an experience he previously succeeded in, in the series “Nesr El Saeed” which gained great success in Ramadan 2018. 


Mohamed Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by internationally acclaimed late actor Omar Sharif, who stated that he had chosen the young actor to perpetuate his acting career. 







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