Egypt implements 424 projects in Assiut during 19/20 with LE 17.5B investments



Sun, 21 Feb 2021 - 03:11 GMT


Sun, 21 Feb 2021 - 03:11 GMT

FILE – Minister of Planning Hala El-Said

FILE – Minister of Planning Hala El-Said

CAIRO – 21 February 2021: About 424 development projects have been completed in Assiut governorate, with a total investment cost estimated at LE 17.5 billion, of which 225 projects in the fiscal year (19/2020), for LE 5.2 billion in 7 sectors: education, health, electricity, petroleum, and housing, Irrigation and local development, according to the Ministry of Planning.


This came in the first issue of the "Follow-up to the Citizen Plan in the Governorates" report during the years (18 / 2019-19-2020), which includes an inventory of the projects that were fully completed during the same period, and linking them to the sustainable development goals.


Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Hala El-Said, explained that the issuance of the report "Following up on the citizen's plan in the governorates" aims to educate citizens about the fruits and returns of development during the past period, as part of the state's efforts to localize sustainable development goals in the governorates.


El-Said added that the report sheds light on the efforts made by the state at the governorate level and includes detailed data on all the projects implemented in each governorate separately, their geographical distribution within the governorate (center/village), and at the same time monitors the progress made in implementing the sustainable development goals in Egypt’s governorates.


About the state’s efforts to achieve the second goal of the sustainable development goals: “Eliminate hunger, provide food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture,” the report indicated that 14 projects in the water resources and irrigation sector had been completed, for LE 111.5 million, including replacement and renewal covered drainage networks in Al-Badari area (C1, C3), protecting Arab Al-Awamer area from the dangers of floods, replacing and renewing the bridge of Bani Muhammed Drain, and developing the subways in the area of accelerator.


Regarding the third goal: "Ensuring a healthy life and promoting the well-being of all at all ages", the report indicated that the construction of the Abu Tij model hospital had been completed, at LE 325 million. Regarding the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals: “Ensuring a quality education that is equitable and inclusive of all and promotes learning opportunities throughout life for all.”


 The report stated that 115 projects were implemented, at a total cost of LE 736.3 million, which resulted in the creation, replacement, and renewal of 1798 classes, which contribute to reducing classroom density, the report pointed out that a growth rate of 30% has been achieved in the number of completed education projects, and 11% in the cost of projects completed during (19/2020) compared to (18/2019).


Within the framework of achieving the sixth goal: “Ensure the availability of drinking water and sanitation for all and manage it sustainably,” 17 sanitation projects have been implemented, for LE 4.2 billion, and 11 villages have benefited from sanitation projects. Among the most important projects are Badari sanitation and the Salim coast, Dairout, Sadfa, and Al-Ghanayem, the Arab Al-Madabegh, and the Manfalut drainage treatment plants.About the progress made in achieving the seventh goal: “Ensuring universal access to modern, regular and sustainable energy services at an affordable cost,” the report stated that 23 projects in the electricity sector have been completed, for LE 9.2 billion.


One of the most important projects implemented is the transformation of the West Power plant.The Assiut gas station to operate as a combined cycle by adding 250 megawatts to reach the total capacity of 1500 megawatts, expanding the transformer station of Assiut by adding 40 MVA, in addition to implementing 67 projects within the local development programs (electricity and lighting), for 113.1 million, resulting in the installation of 1203 lighting poles.In the petroleum sector, 3 warehouses for storing petroleum materials with a capacity of 3 thousand meters 3 have been constructed, for LE 70 million.


About the ninth goal: “Establishing resilient infrastructure, stimulating inclusive sustainable industrialization, and encouraging innovation.” the 22.6 km Western Assiut Plateau pillar has been completed, for LE 1.4 billion, in addition to the completion of 62 projects within the paving program. 


Local roads, for LE 341 million, including the paving of a road from the boat bridge to the entrance to the eastern Tanagah village with a length of 1.1 km, the paving of Izbat Salim road in the village of Bani Hussein with a length of 1.5 km, and the paving of the Al-Houta / Al-Awamer road in the Dairout center with a length of 2 km. 100 km of roads, including 45 km in 32 villages, in addition to the implementation of 26 projects within the bridges and tunnels program, for LE 121.6 million, which resulted in the completion of the construction and development of 8 bridges on 19/2020, including a bridge on the Ibrahimi canal in the village of Manqabad, and a bridge. Nag Hussein in the Qusiya Center.


The report stated that the local road paving program and the construction of bridges and tunnels achieved a growth rate of about 45 percent in terms of the cost of implemented projects in (20/2020) compared to (18/2019).


In the same context, and about the eleventh goal of "making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable", 696 social housing units in the New Assiut city have been completed, for LE 94 million, as well as the completion of 59 projects in the security, traffic and firefighting program. For LE 83.6 million, and 25 projects in the program to support the needs of local units for LE 20.7 million, which resulted in the establishment of 4 firefighting units, the supply of 4 fire trucks, and the establishment of two traffic units, in addition to equipping the Salim Coast Services Complex and the Technological Center to open, during the year 19/2020.


About the thirteenth goal of the sustainable development goals: "Taking urgent measures to combat climate change and its impacts", 5 projects to improve the environment were completed, for LE 243.6 million, which resulted in the supply of 74 various cleaning equipment (tippers, sweepers, loaders) In the fiscal year 20/2020.



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