Telecom Egypt cooperates with IBM to promote digital transformation



Tue, 09 Feb 2021 - 03:46 GMT


Tue, 09 Feb 2021 - 03:46 GMT

Telecom Egypt permises - Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Telecom Egypt permises - Creative Commons via Wikimedia

CAIRO  - 9 February 2021: Telecom Egypt announced its cooperation with "IBM" and "Red Hat" in the field of developing communications networks and accelerating the pace of digital transformation using a hybrid cloud strategy based on open sources.


The company said, in a statement, Tuesday, that this cooperation comes within the framework of Telecom Egypt’s strategy to achieve growth by developing and modernizing the infrastructure to provide computing services, infrastructure services and software services, in a way that contributes to meeting the changing and accelerating requirements of its customers.


Telecom Egypt stated that it relies on IBM Cloud Pak for Automation solutions to raise the efficiency and flexibility of services provided to its customers and make them more prepared for the future.


By collaborating with IBM, she added, it has implemented IBM Cloud Pak for Automation solutions based on Red Hat OpenShift to integrate artificial intelligence technology to extend the automation of its projects based on open-source technology, so that the company updates its platforms to make them faster and more flexible.


It also indicated that it manages and automates its networks to obtain real-time analyzes of its operations and compare them with previous processes to evaluate performance and identify any problems that affect the general performance of communications networks and solve them.


The company also noted that IBM Cloud Pak for Automation solutions help reduce the time required to maintain networks through automating operations, which leads to an increase in the quality of services provided to customers.


It emphasized that by working with IBM to implement hybrid cloud technologies, Telecom Egypt is harnessing its growing data to improve growth and drive the company's digital transformation to provide better systems for analyzing and forecasting data, securing and automating its networks.


For his part, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt Adel Hamed, said that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused all organizations to rethink and change their business system, indicating that IBM Cloud Pak for Automation has been chosen to develop network performance.


Hamed added that Telecom Egypt has hired IBM and a group of its business partners to establish the first modern data center that allows connection with all global submarine cables transiting Egypt, as IBM and its partners have designed, built and provided management and maintenance services for a project to establish a highly flexible data center for Telecom Egypt.


He explained that the new data center will be the main platform for Telecom Egypt to provide cloud computing services throughout the region, and the new platform will also allow hosting local and international companies by providing modern services with the highest levels of technical flexibility.



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