Egypt's planning ministry releases 'Citizen Investment Plan' of South Sinai in FY2020/21


Sun, 07 Feb 2021 - 01:54 GMT

FILE - A resort in South Sinai

FILE - A resort in South Sinai

CAIRO - 7 February 2021: Egypt’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Development disclosed Sunday the features of the “Citizen Investment Plan” in South Sinai for the fiscal year 20/2021.


Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, clarified that the number of development projects in the governorate reaches 169 projects and that the value of public investments directed to the South Sinai governorate in FY20/2021 plan amounts to LE 3.75 billion, a 50% increase over the 2019/2020 plan, representing 1.4% of public investments for the year.


About the sectorial distribution of public investments targeted in South Sinai with the 2021/2021 plan, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development indicated that investments worth LE 1.4 billion will be directed to the housing sector, at a rate of 36.8%, while the higher education sector is investing LE 450 million or 12%.


“The transport sector is allocated LE327 million, the tourism and antiquities sector will receive LE 322.6 million by 8.6%, moreover, the water resources and irrigation sector will receive  LE 305 million by 8.1%, in addition to directing LE 965 million for other sectors, at a rate of 25.7%,” El-Said explained.


The report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated the most important development goals in the field of housing services in South Sinai Governorate in the 2021/20 Plan, which is represented in directing about LE 1 billion to drinking water and sanitation services, in addition to directing LE 75.8 million to build and pave roads, and in the higher education sector to complete establishment of Salman bin Abdulaziz University.


The report referred to the Sinai Peninsula development project, which aims to bring about an economic, social, and security boom.


The Sinai Peninsula Development Project aims also to provide housing services and public utilities to citizens in the North and South Sinai governorates.


El-Said said that the value of the appropriations listed for this project for 2020/2021 is about LE 6.8 billion.



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