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Mon, 14 Dec 2020 - 01:49 GMT


Mon, 14 Dec 2020 - 01:49 GMT

Electricity pre-paid meters - FILE

Electricity pre-paid meters - FILE

CAIRO – 14 December 2020: Egypt has previously announced its plan to establish a smart electrical grid, including a variety of operation and energy measures amid its move to renovate the whole sector.


Over the past months, Egypt has been replacing regular meters with pre-paid and smart meters and smart meters, for the fact they are fully-functional and do not need any human intervention.


In the below lines, et provides you with highlights about the components of the to-be-established smart grid, and how it is important in discovering speed faults and any issues:



1- Automatic controls:


Smart grids discover any sudden disturbances or problems that may occur to the electrical network, locate them with high accuracy, and address these problems in very short periods without affecting the network’s performance.



2- Advanced Communication Systems:


Integrated communication systems are used for collecting and analyzing information to ensure complete control of the parts of the grid to ensure safe and stable operation.



3- Precise Measurement devices:


These devices measure various variables on all grid components, with the aim of balancing between demand and supply to avoid any unexpected separation.



4- Energy storage from renewable sources:


Because the production of renewable energy is variable and unstable, the energy generated should be stored until it is needed in order to relieve the increasing burden on the general network, especially at peak times.



5- Smart meters:


These meters rely on measuring consumption and electrical variables, provide control centers and also separate and connect electrical devices in a way that contributes to reducing overconsumption.




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