Egypt's 50 most prominent state projects in the last 4 years



Fri, 30 Jun 2017 - 10:31 GMT


Fri, 30 Jun 2017 - 10:31 GMT

New Administrative Capital project - File photo

New Administrative Capital project - File photo

CAIRO – 1 July 2017: In Commemoration of June 30 Revolution, here are the 50 most prominent state projects in the last four years:

Roads and bridges

1- Paving 2000 km out of a total of 3200 km
2. Establishment and development of 135 vehicle, pedestrian and tunnel bridges

Railway field

3. Development of 31 railway stations
4. Rapid maintenance of 92 railway stations
5. Increasing the number of long distance trains to become 186 trains
6. Operation of 8 new air-conditioned trains
7. 212 air-conditioned rail vehicles project
8. Contracting of 700 second and third-degree railway vehicles
9. Development of 124 railway crossings
10. Closure of 1925 illegal crossings
11. Establishment of 14 upper rail bridges
12. Renovation of 700 km of railway lines
13. Development of 1,032 train crossings

Underground Field

14. Renovation of 15 first-line trains
15. Supply of 18 trains in the first line

Maritime Transport Field

16. Development of Hurghada port to fit 700 thousand passengers instead of 250,000
17. Completion of the development of the Safaga and Adabeya ports
18. Development of the Nuweiba port is being completed
19. Finalization of the expansions of the third lap in the port of El-Sokhna

Social Housing Field

20. Establishment of 1481000social housing units
21. 264 housing units are under implementation
22. 102 thousand units in the governorates are under way
23. Development of 46 slum areas in Cairo and Giza
24. Development of 78 of the neediest villages

Electricity and Energy Field

25. Provision of LE 515 billion ($28 million) for electricity projects
26. Addition of 6000 megawatts to the National electricity network
27. Distribution of 13 million LED lamps
28. Signing of an agreement with Siemens for the establishment of 3 power plants
29. Establishment of turbine production plant for wind power generation
30. Signing of 59 new oil agreements with global companies with investments of $13 billion
31. Signing of 8 oil agreements worth $1.2 billion

Al Dabaa Project

32. Initiation of the establishment of Al-Dabaa Nuclear project
33. Construction of the new city of Dabaa

New City of El-Alamein

34. Establishment of the new City of El-Alamein
35. Cultivation of 2000 feddans in the new City of El-Alamein
36. Construction of 10000 housing units in the new City of El-Alamein

Land reclamation and cultivation

37. Reclamation of 1.5 million feddans

Facing wheat shortages

38. Completion of 105 upgraded barns
39. Construction of 25 new silos


40. Development of the Burullus, Bardawill and Qaroun Lakes
41. Establishment of a 2575 feddan fish farm at Ghalion pond
42. Full industrial city attached to the Ghalion pond project
43. Establishment of 3,800 fish ponds in cooperation with the Suez Canal Authority

New Administrative Capital

44. Initiation of the establishment of the new administrative capital

Development of Sinai

45. Establishment of 6 tunnels beneath the Suez Canal
46. Development of the Suez Canal axis
47. Establishment of the new city of Ismailia
48. Establishment of Al-Galala Global city
49- A billion pounds to fund 200 youth projects
50. Eliminating Virus - C



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