Egypt's General Authority for Roads and bridges completes 85% of national road plan, at LE 175B


Mon, 28 Sep 2020 - 04:38 GMT

Roads Company Website - via Wikimedia Commons

Roads Company Website - via Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO - 28 September 2020: Head of the Roads and Bridges Authority,HossamMustafa, said that the high population density surrounding the Ring Road and the use of informal methods and solutions to expand roads as well as encroachments on government land remain a major challenge for the Egyptian government.


"The state succeeded in implementing 85 percent of the national road plan, which spans over 7,000 kilometers, at LE 175 billion," said Mustafa.


He noted that the acceleration of efforts made Egypt jump 90 placeswithin 5years only, from 118thto 28th place, commenting “No country has done what Egypt has done concerning improving the level of road service."


Mustafa explained that the state allocated LE 35 billion to raise the efficiency of internal roads in the governorates, as a protocol was signed with the Ministry of Local Development to start in the 12 governorates most in need, and another protocol worth LE 5 billion was prepared.




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