Egypt's achievements exceed investors dreams: Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil



Sun, 23 Aug 2020 - 01:23 GMT


Sun, 23 Aug 2020 - 01:23 GMT

FILE - Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

FILE - Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

CAIRO – 23 August 2020: Egypt’s achievements during the last six years exceeds investors and Egyptians dreams, Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil said Sunday.


Gamil referred to progresses done in sectors of energy, transportation, construction, infrastructure, investment and manufacturing.


He attributed the success in these fields to President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, who has an economic and development vision that surpasses all institutions and experts, and is gradually and efficiently exploding Egypt's energies and increasing the rates of work and achievement in many parallel and complementary paths.


According to Gamil, Egypt was experiencing a clear crisis in energy, infrastructure and direct investment before 2014, and was witnessing massive chaos in terms of managing the construction file with the expansion of informal settlements, penetration of planning lines and encroachment on facilities and state lands.


"We were suffering from daily power cuts, with a shortage of natural gas and butane in a way that impeded production, industrial growth and service activities, as the expansion of the slum space pressured public facilities and services, and led to a decline in the lives of millions of citizens while exposing them to danger," he stated, clarifying that all these issues took place in the midst of a general state of aging, deteriorating infrastructure, road and transportation networks, and the confusion of the legal system controlling investment and development, which caused a general economic imbalance and the inability to keep pace with population growth, and the most optimistic people did not expect to get out of that situation decades ago from now. .


The businessman noted that the state focused mainly on modernizing the infrastructure and strengthening the facilities, services and road networks, while increasing the national capacity in terms of energy through increasing electrical production and making huge gas discoveries, as these components are the cornerstone of any development or attraction of investment, and in conjunction with developing slums, facing building violations and infringements.


“Egypt is now sufficient in energy due to its huge surpluses which turns the state into an important regional hub,” Gamil stated, referring to employing the gas boom in stimulating industry and production and converting vehicles to work with natural gas, due to its positive economic and environmental effects,


He further pointed to the boom in the construction field and building new cities, and the completion of giant projects in roads, railways and subways.


“Currently, we are working on owning a comprehensive map for development, planning, project distribution, and monitoring of violations through satellites, through the ambitious project that the Ministry of Planning began implementing, within the framework of a comprehensive transformation to technology, digital solutions and smart government systems,” he noted.


Gamil stressed that the Egyptian state's success during the last six years helped to have a strong and stable economy, which helped in crossing coronavirus crisis and its negative repercussions easily, and to enhance the state's capabilities to manage regional challenges and hot files without pressure on the market or confusing society.




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