Niveen Gamea – Press photo Niveen Gamea – Press photo

Industry Minister: Gov't to provide 30 million fabric-made face masks monthly

Sun, May. 31, 2020
CAIRO - 31 May 2020: Minister of Trade and Industry Niveen Gamea said the government is working on securing the delivery of about 30 fabric-made face masks at large scale monthly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During a meeting held Sunday with textile industries and ready made-clothes' representatives, the minister said the expansion in production comes in line with government's adopted measures to coexist with the current viral disease.

The minister reiterated the textile industries and ready made-clothes' sector commitment to supply the local market with face masks that meet the standards and specifications set by the Ministry of Industry and Trade , as well as the Ministry of Health and comply with all quality standards set by both ministries in this respect.

"Chances are looming for Egyptian Industry to emerge as a international hub for manufacturing fabric-made masks," said the minister, citing global increase in demand of the coveted commodity.

"The Egyptian Industry is keen on meeting the needs of the local market as a first priority," she said, adding that any surplus could be exported.
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