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Zakat house allots LE 200M to help curb Covid-19 spread

Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
CAIRO - 9 April 2020: The board of Zakat House and the Egyptian Charity, under Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El Tayyeb, decided on Thursday allocating LE 200 million in contribution to efforts aimed at curbing the effects of Covid-19.

The board also decided to double the monthly benefit to families sponsored by the house, worth LE 86 million to reach LE 192 million covering 98 thousand families.

The Grand Imam, during a meeting via video conference with a number of members of the board of trustees to discuss the state's efforts for fighting the virus, ordered contacting the Ministry of Health to get acquainted with the needed supplies and equipment that the Zakat house can offer especially ventilators.

Tayyeb also followed up, during the meeting, the over 100 thousand applications for getting cash aid which have been received from irregular workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis, noting that LE 30 million had been allocated for this purpose.

For his part, Amr Lotfi, the secretary general of the Zakat House and the Egyptian Charity said the applications were sent by the irregular workers through Al Azhar website, pointing out that a sum of LE 500 will be given to each worker deserving the financial support.
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