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Egypt Tax Authority urges tax defaulters to file for settlement by June 30

Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
CAIRO - 9 April 2020: The Egyptian Tax Authority urged on Thursday all taxpayers who have tax disputes to file for settlement by June 30 to benefit from the privileges of the newly-approved Tax Dispute Settlement Act.

The new law gives taxpayers the opportunity to resolve their tax disputes with the Tax Authority without resorting to courts.

Under the legislation, assets of tax defaulters will be unfrozen upon the payment of 10% of the due taxes, said head of the authority Reda Abdel Kader.

In addition, late payment fines will be reduced by 30% for taxpayers who reach settlement agreements with the Tax Authority or the dispute resolution committees before the issuance of appeal decisions, he added.

He urged the tax defaulters to file for settlement electronically as part of precautionary measures taken by the State to curb the spread of coronavirus.
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