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Banque du Caire closes part of its headquarter as employee infected by COVID-19

Sun, Apr. 5, 2020
CAIRO – 5 April 2020: Banque du Caire decided Sunday to close an entire portion of its headquarters in Nasr City, after discovering that one of its employees is infected by COVID-19.

The bank announced the commitment of all its employees to be self-isolated, in the context of the precautionary measures taken by "Banque du Caire" to confront the spread of the emerging corona epidemic.

Chairman and CEO of Banque du Caire Tarek Fayed emphasized that this measure comes in the framework of the bank’s keenness on the safety and health of all bank employees and customers, noting that the bank has taken a number of precautionary measures and working in accordance with alternative plans that have been put in place to deal with this type of crisis.

He added that the complete sterilization operations are currently being implemented for the main headquarters in the various offices and departments, and a medical examination will be applied on all workers who are in contact with the positive case and will take samples for them with the recommendation of self-isolation.

Fayed added that executive measures were taken and work continuity plans were activated taking into account the exceptional circumstances from alternative locations, to all departments that were working on that floor.

On Saturday, the Egyptian ministry of health reported Saturday 85 positive cases for Coronavirus and 5 deaths, all of them Egyptians contracted the virus from previous cases.
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