FILE: Minister of Transportation Kamel el Wazir FILE: Minister of Transportation Kamel el Wazir

LE141 billion allocated for developing railways in 2 years: Min.

Mon, Jan. 13, 2020
CAIRO - 13 January 2020: Minister of Transport Kamel al-Wazir revealed that the ministry is spending nearly LE86 billion on developing railways, and in 2020, the ministry will ask the government to approve LE55 billion for other projects that will start on July 1, 2020.

Wazir’s marks came in his phone call with"Al-Hekaya" program on Sunday. The minister also reviewed the ministry's plan to renovate roads, and update the rail tickets and fines system, confirming that the ministry has recently made many achievements.

Wazir stressed the necessity topay for the traintickets, because the revenue is used to develop the service.

The minister explained that the ministry took financial credits from the government to develop the ring road, and added that the Central Bank of Egypt, the National Bank and the Egyptian Bank have donated millions for that purpose, bringing the total allocations for the road's development to LE4 billion.

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