CEO of SCZone Walid Gamal El-Din- Press Photo CEO of SCZone Walid Gamal El-Din- Press Photo

Walid Gamal El-Din appointed as CEO of SCZone

Mon, Jan. 6, 2020
Cairo - 6 January 2020: The board of directors of the Suez Canal Economic Zone announced Monday its recent approval of the appointment of Walid Sami Gamal Al-Din, as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SCZone.

The board clarified in a statement that this step came to strengthen the authority administratively and implement a new plan for investment and promotion during the next five years after completing the infrastructure and developing the six ports affiliated with the authority.

“Walid Gamal El-Din has been appointed as an executive investment expert for more than 22 years of experience in this field, in addition to having a proven record in the field of banking investment, money management and real estate development” SCZone Chairman Yehia Zaki announced.

Zaki added that SCZone seeks to encourage youth leaders to take leadership positions in order to introduce new ideas and blood into the work system within the framework of the country’s general policy to create youth cadres.

“Moreover The authority seeks to develop a future plan until 2025 in order to localize the industry, possess a technological infrastructure and establish an export base for Africa and Europe.” SCZone Chairman said.

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