Minister of Transportation takes a tour in Derby inviting foreign investment opportunities



Thu, 28 Nov 2019 - 10:38 GMT


Thu, 28 Nov 2019 - 10:38 GMT

Alexandria to establish first Monorail system in Egypt - File photo

Alexandria to establish first Monorail system in Egypt - File photo

CAIRO - 28 November 2019: Minister of Transportation Kamel el-Wazir led a private tour in the international company “Bombardier” in Derby, UK to discuss investment opportunities in the transportation sector in Egypt, sponsored by Vodafone Egypt.

A roundtable discussion was held and attended by the Egyptian Ambassador to London Tarek Adel, and Chairman of the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) Khaled Nosseir, as well as multiple international suppliers and contractors in the industry of maintenance, training and spare parts within railway and underground systems.

The minister inaugurated the discussions that are organized by Rail Forum Midlands at the Bombardier facility, and tackled the domestic challenges facing the railway and underground lines, and his strategic view to confront and improve them.

He said, “the weaknesses within the current railway and underground stations relative to infrastructure, inefficient maintenance, security against accidents, Human Resources have provided me with ample room for strategic improvements in the sector”.

He explained his strategic short term, intermediate and long term plans that centered around the need for financial investment support from international institutions, as well as domestic training and maintenance of Human Resources. These strategic plans included: creating clear authoritative decisions for disciplinary action to any wrong doings from either passengers or from workers, and this to ensure a safe and trustworthy transportation system. He further focused on maintenance through warehouses, efficient spare parts and utilizing investment opportunities sustainably.

“We received 260 locomotives from a recent tender, and we welcome companies to participate in an upcoming tender for 100 locomotives,” stated the minister.

The mobility industry is a game-changing field in Cairo, as the world's most rapidly growing city, cooperating with bombardier that has an expertise of over 25 years. From East Cairo to the new capital city, the new monorail will pass through the fifth settlement residential compounds, universities, and hospitals.

There will be environmentally-friendly rails, without interfering with other means of transportations with up to 45,000 passengers.



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