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Wed, 06 Nov 2019 - 12:57 GMT


Wed, 06 Nov 2019 - 12:57 GMT

During announcing the details of the activities of the second session of the business conference 2019/Hanan Mohamed/ Egypt Today

During announcing the details of the activities of the second session of the business conference 2019/Hanan Mohamed/ Egypt Today

CAIRO – 6 November 2019: The second edition of the International Business Expo (BiznEX) will be held in Egypt from November 7-9 under the portage of the Prime Ministry and ministries of investment and international cooperation, trade and industry, and housing.

In a press conference announcing holding the second edition, Head of Franchisingate/BiznEX Company, which organizes the expo, Marwan Abdel Razik, praised the partnership between the public and private sectors in the expo, referring to achieving tangible success during the first edition of BiznEX as participants inaugurated several branches in different governorates and foreign countries in the Gulf, Pakistan, and Kenya.

Abdel Razik also noted that the expo connects foreign investments with the Egyptian industry. He added that Biznex hosts all commercial, governmental, financial, administrative and real estate entities to act as an attractive hub for investment opportunities in Egypt.

He pointed out that Biznex 2019 is divided into several sectors; the first is the commercial part of various fields, including food and beverage, clothing, electronics, manufacturing and distribution, while second focuses on banks and includes banks and finance companies of all kinds.The third is the real estate sector, which includes administrative and commercial real estate, according to Abdel Razik.

Abdel Razikrevealedthat his company will hold BiznEXRiyad in Saudi Arabia during the first quarter of 2020, and another one in Africa during the second half of 2020.

Director of the Central Credit Department at Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSME) Hazem Salah announced that his agency provided funds amounting to LE 50 billion during the period from 1991 to July 2018.Salah clarified that small and medium enterprises allocated around LE 46 billion out of the total funds.

Salah explained that theagency provides non-financial services which link the donor toowners of ideas and start-ups, where the donor funds to open new markets in Egypt.

As per the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Head of SMEs sector at the bank SaadMohy el-Din said that small and medium enterprises represent most of the projects in Egypt, noting that his bank provided LE 37 billion to around 32,000 customers.

"The bank adopted most of the associations and microfinance companies by about LE 6.2 billion," he said, stressing that the bank launched the Nile Pioneers initiative aimed at providing non-financial services to provide job opportunities through small and medium enterprises.

"NBE’s credit portfolio for small projects reached LE 64 billion in 2019 and the bank is working to reach LE 100 billion by the end of 2020 to finance and prepare feasibility and technical studies for the sector of small and medium enterprises," Mohy el-Din added.

Business Development Consultant of BiznEX Marwan el-Shayb said that the expo shows real investment opportunities in Egypt, aiming to reach the largest number of youth.

He clarified that a conference will be held for three days during the expo to shed light on three axes related to youth. Specialists from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transportwill informthem of ways to start a project or a start-up. The expo also targets freelancers and SMEs in need for funds.

CEO of BiznExGeorge Mitri said that the 2019 exhibition will host the Decent Life initiative launched by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, which aims to provide investment opportunities in the neediest villages in Egypt, and to create transformative training programs to qualify citizens for the labor market, whether as workers or small and micro enterprises owners through civil society institutions.

BiznEX 2018 was the first and only international business and franchise expo in Egypt. It was designed to be a one-stop-platform offering business opportunities and services from five main pillars: Commercial Investments, Local & International Franchising and Licensing; Financial & Funding Solutions;Governmental Services; Administrative & Commercial Real-estate Investment; Consultants and Service Providers for potential business owners; potential franchisees and potential entrepreneurs.

BiznEX 2018 was attended by6,000 visitors and witnessed the signing of some 100 trading deals worth LE 150 million.



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