Sisi to inaugurate KIMA2 on June 30 offering 3.7K jobs



Wed, 19 Jun 2019 - 01:13 GMT


Wed, 19 Jun 2019 - 01:13 GMT



CAIRO – 19 June 2019: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will inaugurate KIMA 2 plant on June 30, 2019, Chairman of Chemical Industries Holding Company Emad el-Din Mostafa said.

Mostafanotedthat KIMA 2 is the largest chemical project in the Middle East with an area of 60 feddans; the project provides 3,700 jobs. Headded that he will inspect the project on Wednesday, June 19, to monitor the operation of the ammonia units, which started working, in preparation for the operation of the urea units next week.

Mostafa further clarified that the ammonia plant will produce about 1,220 tons per day, while the urea plant will produce about 1,570 tons of urea per day, with a total of 570,000 tons per year.

According to Mostafa, the project cost LE 11.6 billion, 62 percent of which came from bank funding and the rest was provided by contributors.

Previously, Mostafa pointed out that the project targets to achieve LE 400 million in the first year of operation, which will increase to reach about LE 1 billion annually with the development of the old part of the plant.

“We expect the factory to pay costs over 8 years, and contribute to the provision of jobs for engineers, technicians and chemists; workers have already been selected. As the project progresses, there will be more jobs for Aswan's people,” he noted.

KIMA 2 is a facility for fertilizer manufacturing that is being built at the existing site of the company's Aswan fertilizer complex at a cost of LE 11.6 billion.

The Egyptian Chemical Industries, known as KIMA, is affiliated to the Chemical Industries Holding Company, producing nitrogenous fertilizers and chemicals, including hydrogen and ammonia.



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