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Egypt starts dealing with unified tax registration number in June

Wed, Jun. 12, 2019
CAIRO -12 June 2019: The Egyptian Tax Authority started dealing with the unified tax registration number, and replacing all tax file numbers with the unified tax registration number on June 1, 2019.

The authority clarified that the unified tax registration number is dealt with in all tax assessments, and for all types of taxes, whether income taxes, value added or other, noting that this decision comes in light of the implementation of decision No. 729 of 2018 on the modernization of tax data. The decision was issued by Finance Minister Mohamed Ma’it.

The decision puts the tax registration number in place of the words "tax file" or "taxpayer file number" wherever it appears in a list or decision. It also cancels the reference to the tax file number or the taxpayer's file number in any correspondence, whether issued or received by the Tax Authority, and refers only to the registration number of the taxpayer or the taxpayer.

For his part, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, Abdel Azim Hussein, said that the unification of the tax number of each taxpayer under the name of "tax registration number" is necessary in facilitating for financiers, especially within the overall system of automation of the Tax Authority and the development of its performance.

He added that all financiers in Egypt deal with several tax figures and multiple files, which is where the Tax Authority has made intensive efforts to facilitate and solve problems that arise,within the framework of the state's tendency to automate and standardize procedures and deal through one number.
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