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Egypt to build 1st polybutadiene rubber factory in Africa

Tue, Jun. 4, 2019
CAIRO - 4 June 2019: A consortium of Petrojet and Saipem won a bid to build the first polybutadiene rubber factory in Egypt and Africa. The project is worth $150 million and will be established in ETHYDCO complex in Alexandria with an annual capacity of 36,000 tons.

Polybutadiene rubber is used in the production of tires and conveyors belts needed in factories and cars. It can also be used in construction works.

The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) was inaugurated in 2016. In 2018, the company produced 381,000 tons of polyethylene, and 19,000 tons of butadiene and its derivatives. ETHYDCO exported a portion of its products to 56 countries around the world including new markets in Western Africa and the Nile Basin.
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