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Tue, 04 Dec 2018 - 11:51 GMT


Tue, 04 Dec 2018 - 11:51 GMT

Inertia Executive team members revealing "Joulz" latest updates - CC Mustafa Marie

Inertia Executive team members revealing "Joulz" latest updates - CC Mustafa Marie

CAIRO – 4 December 2018: Inertia Egypt, the leading real estate developer, revealed on Dec.3 in a casual media gathering at Crimson, Zamalek, the latest updates surrounding one of its flagship residential developments, Joulz, a neighborhood in the heart of Cairo.


Strategically located in the heart of west Cairo, Joulz is only 2 km away from the ring road, 7 km away from the 26th of July corridor and just 20-30 minutes away from downtown Cairo.

Joulz consists of 1,150 residential units containing an array of apartments, town houses, twin houses and stand-alone villas. Residential units are built on 25 percent of the total land area, allowing for vast lush, green vegetation throughout the neighborhood that create unique views and healthy, green environments.

Media Gathering held in Crimson Zamalek
Media gathering held in Crimson Zamalek

The name “Joulz” is appropriated from “Joules”, the unit used to measure photons, the fundamental particle of light, without which life would not be sustainable. On that premise, Joulz architecture harnesses this light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance, doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Part of the attendees - CC Mustafa Marie
Part of the attendees - CC Mustafa Marie

Inertia’s architects designed each unit with large windows, spacious patios and bright sun wells that guarantee plenty of sunlight. Homes contain study rooms and corridors lit up by natural sunlight and villas have internal courtyards to ensure natural light penetrates every home.

Joulz Presentation Video CC Mustafa Marie
Joulz presentation video - CC Mustafa Marie

“When we developed Joulz, we thought deeply about what makes the perfect neighborhood and developed the project accordingly. This entailed having the majority of the land used for open green spaces, facilities that encourage healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities, restaurants and cafes, medical clinics, hyper markets, banks, 24 hour security surveillance and easy accessibility to wider Cairo. All this can be found within Joulz neighborhood which promises a friendly, warm and intimate experience,” declared Yasser Darwish, projects director in Inertia.

Yasser Darwish clarifying latest Joulz updatess
Yasser Dariwsh clarifying Joulz latest updates - CC Mustafa Marie

Joulz has eight themed parks that make up to 45,000 squared meters of the development. Every park and green area will be themed differently to suit and entertain the residents.

Joulz has curving jogging trails and bicycle lanes located throughout the neighborhood that aim to better the resident’s experience, and help them practice healthier daily habits that are hard to sustain in the city. For families with children, each area inside the compound has a nearby children’s playground to ensure children are close to their home.

About Inertia Egypt:

Inertia is a leading Egyptian real estate company that develops distinctive, valuable and dynamic projects located in different parts of Egypt. Since its inception in 2007, Inertia has been thriving and is renowned for projects that cater to today’s cosmopolitan clientele, whether in the energetic Cairo, by the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea or on the enchanting Red Sea. The company provides more than just properties, it aims to establish a closely-knit and active community. For further details please visit

Inertia bycicle promoting a healthier lifestyle - cc MM
Inertia bicycle promoting a healthier lifestyle - CC Mustafa Marie



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