DHL breaks the stereotype by hiring a Female Courier in Egypt



Wed, 14 Mar 2018 - 11:48 GMT


Wed, 14 Mar 2018 - 11:48 GMT

Egyptian minister of investment Sahar Nasr with first female courier in DHL - press photo

Egyptian minister of investment Sahar Nasr with first female courier in DHL - press photo

CAIRO - 15 March 2018: In light of International Women's Day, the Egyptian government and business leaders have recently emphasized the importance of empowering women in Egypt’s economy with more job opportunities.

This was reflected in the framework of the government’s Vision 2030, which focuses on developing and enhancing the contribution of Egyptian women to the Egyptian labor market, building a dialogue to address the most viral issues as well as social issues.

Furthermore, the Egyptian government announced 2017 as the Year of Egyptian Women, which consequently led to great mobility in fields of interest where women were determined to create more valuable contribution. In an effort to contribute to this success, DHL announced having a female courier, celebrating her success in the company’s history as a milestone in the MENA region.

DHL celebrated this day in a special way by announcing being the first courier company to hire female courier in Egypt and MENA region by the recruitment of “Nasra”, as a female courier to work in the logistics field. Nasra, the 20 years old female courier, has expressed her pride in becoming the female courier in DHL’s network which is an exemplary accomplishment, and rare in the Arab region.

DHL Express Egypt General Manager, Ahmed Elfangary, commented, “DHL is pleased to appoint more skillful calibers such as “Nasra”, because our vision always looks forward to providing equal opportunities with the integration of qualified employees regardless of gender, age and society. As a Top employer, we are more determined than ever to empower women and offer them the tools that will enable them to prove themselves as a part of this society. Today, we announce that DHL Egypt female hiring ratio increases 25% year on year over the past 3 years. We celebrate women in our own way, with a determination to support government efforts to enable women in the workplace”.

Nasra, the female courier stated, “I am hopeful that this will encourage a lot of women to follow a diverse set of career paths, so long as they have the abilities and skills. I am proud to contribute to the pool of women overcoming hardships to break stereotypes that has long held us back from pursuing opportunities in the workplace”.

As a true testimony to the success of DHL’s human Resources approach, DHL Egypt has been recognized as a 'Top Employer' for the third consecutive year by the Top employer Institution. DHL won this award for constantly encouraging its employees to develop their potential through various training and development opportunities.

DHL focuses on providing a healthy working environment supporting talents, encouraging innovation and rewarding outstanding performances. Ahmed Elfangary, stated “Our employees are the key partner in any success achieved in the process to deliver the best management climate and the best working environment for better experience for both our employees as well as our customers.”



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