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EGX deputy chairman lists top investment sectors

Sun, Dec. 3, 2017
CAIRO – 3 December 2017: Healthcare, food industries, retail and education are considered the sectors for investment in the Egyptian exchange (EGX), according to the EGX Deputy Chairman Mohsen Adel during his speech at the CEO’S conference on Sunday.

Adel highlighted that there are four prominent points for investing in these fields; firstly, the volume of new capital. Secondly, what is called professional investing particularly transactions carried out by the investment funds. Thirdly, acquisitions and merging transaction sizes, which are the most important among these fields and lastly the ongoing demand for these kinds of projects.

During the session Cairo Managing Director for the Investment and Development CO. Mohamed Hassan al-Kola said there are many opportunities in the education sector particularly for education of the middle class. He added that pound floatation badly affected the pre-university education sector as salaries were being paid in dollars whereas the higher education sector was not affected by the decision.

“Two million students join schools every year that means a lot of opportunities for the investors in the education sector but on the other hand, acquisitions in this field are not easy as most of the educational organizations are family businesses,’’ al-Kola said.
He pointed out that investing in university education sector has a great potential. Reports state that Egypt may need to build 25 new universities and at the Supreme Council for Universities is considering building 16 new universities.

He suggested that investments in the Delta are more profitable than investing in education in Upper Egypt, pointing out that his company is seeking to invest in the technological education sector.
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