Kabil, Mahlab visit leather city in Robiki



Sat, 05 Aug 2017 - 05:13 GMT


Sat, 05 Aug 2017 - 05:13 GMT

Kabil and Mahlab during their visit to the leather city in Robiki

Kabil and Mahlab during their visit to the leather city in Robiki

CAIRO – 5 August 2017: 10 leather tanneries, which were lately transferred from Cairo's ancient aqueduct, Magra el-Oyoun, to the new city of leather tanneries in Robiki, will be operating by the end of August, Minister of trade and industry Tarek Kabil said Saturday.

This came during his visit, alongside Presidential Assistant for National and Strategic Projects Ibrahim Mahlab, to the city on Saturday.

Robiki, located in Badr City, 45km east of Cairo, is set to be the new hub for leather tanneries after 10 factories have been transferred to it from Magra el-Oyoun, which is projected to be a government-sponsored tourist spot.

During Kabil’s and Mahlab’s visit, they inspected some pilot production lines, tannery, some services facilities, including police station and ambulance centers, along with the residential buildings and sewerage plant.

Mahlab said that President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi was keen on following up the developments of Robiki project and the relocation of the leather tanneries in Old Cairo's Magra Al Oyoun district to the new leather city, MENA reported.

Mahlab praised the developments implemented so far in the project, and called on the ministries concerned to launch services in the city as soon as possible.

Kabil said that the inauguration of the leather city in Robiki comes within the government’s vision to boost the leather tanning industry, boosting national economy.

As many as 100 leather tanneries are placed on the government’s list of pending projects in the new city, whose production will represent 85 percent from the overall domestic production of leather tanning.

Kabil pointed out that first batch of the leather produced in Robiki has been exported.



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