Ministry of Transport reportedly in talks to launch state-owned ride-hailing app



Thu, 16 May 2024 - 02:08 GMT


Thu, 16 May 2024 - 02:08 GMT

Cairo – May 16, 2024: Egypt may see a state-owned ride-hailing app in the near future as local media reported that the Ministry of Transportation is in talks to develop an app amid increasing reports of kidnappings and attacks on women through Uber.

Sources speaking to Cairo 24 revealed that the ministry has begun discussions with a “major investment company” through its Arab Union Super Jet Company.

The app could be controlled by a new to-be-established company, with the pilot phased expected to launch within Greater Cairo prior to expanding to the rest of Egypt.

The new app will prioritize safety, with possible security measures such as surveillance cameras inside and outside of the vehicle and GPS devices to monitor speed and location.

Drivers will have to undergo an extensive hiring process, while all vehicles will be in constant contact with a central control room run by the soon-to-be-formed company, according to the sources.

This marks the second time in which local media reported the creation of a state or military-owned ride-hailing app.

In 2019, “Dubci Smart Transport” was launched, and was reported as a military-owned ride-hailing application by both local and international media.

The news broke a few months after the merger between Egypt’s two largest ride-hailing services – Uber and Careem – was approved by the Competition Authority.

Dubci was meant to combat the reduced competition caused by the merger but was unable to find its footing in the local market.

In response to reports of the military’s ownership of the app, the Armed Forces released an official statement denying that its affiliate the National Service Projects Agency was in charge of the Dubci app.

Other local apps have tried to enter Egypt’s ride-hailing market over the years, but have faced difficulties such as securing capital from investors and competing for users against well-funded international apps.



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