During the meeting, Minister Shaker expressed happiness over attending a high-level roundtable meeting on “green transition and renewable energy in Egypt” and lauded the efforts of the Italian government to boost cooperation with Egypt.

Egypt and Italy have long historic relations, Shaker said, adding that Italy now is one of the most important commercial partners to Egypt.

Both countries cooperate in a number of fields including the energy domain, Shaker stated.

The meeting was attended by high-level delegations from both sides and representatives of a big number of Italian and Egyptian companies operating in the field of renewable energy.

Today’s meeting comes in an important stage where the world witnesses transition in energy due to global climate change which will demand change in the production shape and electricity consumption for several reasons including climate change, increasing demand on energy and technological progress via cooperation between governments, companies and individuals, Shaker added.

Egypt is aware of the importance of renewable energy and its role in the variety of energy sources and achieving sustainable development, he said.

Meanwhile, Urso lauded the achievements that took place in Egypt especially in the field of energy and development, asserting that his current visit to Egypt comes within the framework of political interest of both countries as Italy is keen on investing in the field of renewable energy in Egypt.

He praised Egypt’s pivotal role in the development process, saying that it is an important gate to enter Africa.

He pointed out to Italy’s interest in supporting the developmental projects in Egypt and Africa.