Egypt’s Premier inspects historic, industrial projects in Damietta



Sat, 20 Apr 2024 - 09:43 GMT


Sat, 20 Apr 2024 - 09:43 GMT

Prime Minister Madbouli inaugurated the historic Damietta Bridge of Civilization on Saturday evening- press photo

Prime Minister Madbouli inaugurated the historic Damietta Bridge of Civilization on Saturday evening- press photo

CAIRO – 20 April 2024: After conducting an inspection tour of national development projects in Port Said, Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli embarked on another tour of projects in Damietta governorate on Saturday.


Prime Minister Madbouli inaugurated the historic Damietta Bridge of Civilization on Saturday evening. Originally constructed in 1890, the bridge underwent rehabilitation as part of a contract with the Ministry of Petroleum. Designated as a historic monument by the governorate in 2007, the bridge stands as a testament to the region's rich heritage.


Additionally, the Prime Minister inspected housing units in the city of Ras El Bar, as part of the presidential initiative "Housing for All Egyptians." The project spans two areas: the first comprises 96 buildings spread across 60 feddans, while the second area encompasses 143 buildings over 72 feddans.


He also inspected the upgrade project of the sea corniche and tourist promenade in Ras El Bar.


In the New Damietta Industrial Zone, Madbouli inspected dairy and food products factory in New Damietta Industrial Zone.


During his visit, Madbouli inspected an expansion area that represents an addition to the factory. The premier emphasized that the state is committed to supporting production and industrial projects, particularly those focused on localizing various industries within Egypt and boosting Egyptian exports.


Furthermore, the Prime Minister inspected Misr Fertilizer Production Company (MOPCO) in Damietta, which stands as the largest fertilizer factory in Egypt.


The Minister highlighted that MOPCO collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture to supply 25% of the local market's urea needs, accounting for approximately 55% of the company's urea production. The remaining production is exported to markets across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, the company satisfies 60% of the local market's ammonia requirements.


He also visited the Qarun beach and club for the disabled in New Damietta City. Meanwhile, Housing Minister Assem el Gazar emphasized that the project aims to provide exceptional services to individuals with special needs, marking it as the first integrated beach facility designed to meet the requirements of the disabled.


The project, spanning an area of 11,000 square meters, features services building housing administrative and medical care departments. It also includes various amenities such as a swimming pool, a playground, and an open-air theater.


During another inspection tour of Ganna housing project in the city, Madbouli said Egypt prioritizes providing housing units that fulfill all the needs of its citizens, particularly those residing in new cities.


Minister of Housing Assem el Gazzar announced the completion of construction on 59 buildings within the project, totaling 1,416 residential units. These units offer living spaces ranging from 100 to 150 square meters each.


Meanwhile, Madbouli conducted an inspection of Damietta port to oversee the efforts aimed at expediting the shipping procedures for goods earmarked for export. Additionally, he monitored the progress of several key projects being implemented within the port.


Madbouli inspected the efforts aimed at enhancing the rates of Egyptian exports from various productive sectors via Damietta port, which saw a total of 46,378 tons of exported goods on Saturday.


During the inspection, Madbouli and his delegation visited the "Tahya Misr 1" container station project, where they were briefed on its capacity of 3.5 million containers. They also assessed the progress of the multi-purpose station project "Tahya Misr 2" located in the western area of Damietta Port.



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