Egypt-Pakistan Trade Surges to $200 Million



Fri, 08 Sep 2023 - 09:53 GMT


Fri, 08 Sep 2023 - 09:53 GMT

Suez Canal Containters trade ships vessels

Suez Canal Containters trade ships vessels

Egypt and Pakistan have reached a notable milestone in their bilateral trade relations, showcasing a robust trade volume of $200 million. This was highlighted in the recent Pakistan-Egypt Business Opportunities Conference.

Sajid Bilal, Pakistan's ambassador to Cairo, warmly welcomed the attendees. He emphasized the event as an excellent opportunity to enhance bilateral relations, especially in trade and investment sectors.

Shahiraz Malik, the president of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, elucidated the importance of the conference, aimed at propelling trade and investment ties between the two nations. He mentioned the participation of over 150 Pakistani companies operating in various sectors, such as construction, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, IT, and automobile parts.

During the conference, the head of Egypt's Trade Representation emphasized the importance of acquainting the Egyptian business community with collaborative opportunities.

It is hoped that the event will facilitate partnerships between Egyptian and Pakistani sides, particularly in light of the Belt and Road Initiative launched by China. The Suez Canal in Egypt and the Gwadar Port in Pakistan are significant ports on the Maritime Silk Route, representing immense cooperation opportunities in trade exchange.

He also highlighted that besides the $200 million trade volume, there's an investment volume that reached approximately $400 million in sectors like construction, services, textiles, medical tools (especially surgical tools), tourism, agriculture, and more. The conference witnessed Dr. Minister of the Business Sector and the head of the Trade Representation signing about five cooperation agreements between Egyptian and Pakistani companies.

In recognition of their efforts, the Pakistani ambassador in Cairo and the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan presented an appreciation shield to the head of the Trade Representation at the conference's conclusion.

Yahya Al-Wathiq Bellah, the head of Egypt's Trade Representation, was a principal speaker at the inaugural session of the Pakistan-Egypt Business Opportunities Conference.

Organized by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the oldest and most significant chambers in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Pakistani embassy in Cairo, the event aimed to bolster the trade and investment relations between the two countries. Coincidentally, the conference also commemorates the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Pakistan.



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