Engineering Export Council reports 14% increase in engineering exports in July



Sun, 27 Aug 2023 - 01:10 GMT


Sun, 27 Aug 2023 - 01:10 GMT

The latest report by the Engineering Export Council of Egypt (EEC) revealed that Egyptian engineering exports were up by 10 percent during the first 7 months of 2023, reaching $2.492 billion between January and July compared to the $2.271 billion recorded during the same period last year.

In July 2023, engineering exports hit $331 million, up by 14 percent compared to $290 million recorded in July 2022.

The EEC explained that the sectors that witnessed significant increases in exports were cables which climbed by 52.1 percent, household appliances by 54.9 percent, Egyptian electrical and electronic industries exports by 46.2 percent, and means of transportation by 66.9 percent.

Other important sectors were tableware and kitchen tools which recorded an increase of 2.1 percent, machinery and equipment by 68.7 percent, and metalworking products by 87.9 percent.

The council revealed that the European countries that increased imports of Egyptian engineering exports were Turkey, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Asian and ME countries that upped imports were Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, and Oman, while exports to Brazil also grew. African countries that raised imports of Egyptian engineering exports were Algeria, Libya, Sudan Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, and Mauritius.

Last week, the EEC hosted an intensive training program on strategic management in cooperation with the Trade and Export Development Project in Egypt and TRAIN – Egypt.



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