President Sisi inaugurates Nitrogenous Fertilizer Complex in Egypt’s Ain Sokhna



Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 12:11 GMT


Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 12:11 GMT

CAIRO – 15 March 2023: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated on Wednesday the Nitrogenous Fertilizer Complex in Ain Sokhna town of Suez governorate in northeastern Egypt to cover local needs and export surplus to dozens of countries.

The complex belongs to El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals of the Armed Forces National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) and was implemented by German industrial engineering and steel production multinational conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG in partnership with Egypt’s Petrojet.

The complex includes six mega factories to produce nitrogenous fertilizers, including factories to produce ammonia (400,000 tons/year), liquid urea (300,000 tons/year), granulated urea (300,000 tons/year), nitric acid (165,000 tons/year), ammonium nitrate (200,000 tons per year), and calcium ammonium nitrate (300,000 tons/year).

The factories of the complexes of El-Nasr company have a total production capacity up to 1.7 million tons per year of phosphate, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers with surplus being exported to nearly 56 countries, according to official statements.

During the inaugural ceremony, Sisi said it took the state four years to inaugurate the Nitrogenous Fertilizer Complex.

“Industrial development is a small headline but its realization takes time and money,” Sisi stated.

Sisi affirmed that the availability of sufficient natural gas in the past few years has enabled the state to establish phosphate fertilizer plants instead of exporting raw phosphate.

The state is in a race against tie in order to ensure that 3.5 million feddans, representing one third of the country’s agricultural lands, enter into service, the president said.

Agricultural land is now available for all aspiring farmers and investors, Sisi said, noting that the land is equipped with modern irrigation systems and is supplied with water.

Sisi praised uniquely engineered water pumping stations that supply elevated lands that have been reclaimed for agriculture.

Sisi reiterated that the amount of water used to irrigate the mega project of 3.5 million feddans is huge, noting that it comes from the Red Sea, filtered agricultural drainage, and underground water.

In an address to farmers, Sisi affirmed that the fertile lands that people in the countryside own are too precious to be encroached upon. He asked them to preserve the lands because they will soon be even more valuable.

Sisi asked universities and schools to organize field trips to mega projects such as these so students realize the achievements and get inspired.

“We cannot allow anyone to manipulate our young and tell them no development is happening. Our young should see for themselves,” Sisi stated.

The president said that media coverage of such projects will reassure people that Egypt is developing in steady steps.

Sisi also highlighted that the projects received approval from the Ministry of Environment to make sure there is no impact on nature, people, or crops.

Speaking at the complex's opening, Board Chairman of El Nasr company Ehab Abdel Samie said his company has inaugurated two factories for the production of medical and industrial gas and a tri-generation power plant in the chemical industries complex in Abu Rawash, Giza governorate.

He further noted that today, the inauguraion of the new industrial complex brings the total number of industrial complexes of the company to four.



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