What makes Fares Egypt's first green village?



Mon, 03 Oct 2022 - 09:42 GMT


Mon, 03 Oct 2022 - 09:42 GMT

CAIRO - 3 October 2022: Fares Village in Kom Ombo, Aswan, will be displayed as a model for the Green Village in COP27, which Egypt hosts in Sharm El-Sheikh in November.


Fares Village in southern Egypt hosts a total of 31 projects at a cost of L.E.650 million a in, 25 of which are under construction at a cost of L.E. 588 million. There are also six  finished projects at a cost of L.E.62 million, according to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.


The ongoing  projects include:



 1- An ambulance point in the village of Fares worth L.E.1.2 million. The completion rate is at 80%, and it is intended to be finalized within a month.


2- Residential buildings for the neediest families , with 6 buildings (48 units) attached to 48 pens for breeding birds at a cost of L.E. 33 million. The completion rate stands at 95%.


 3- A technology center in the village includes a local unit, local council, civil registry, a post office, a catering office, and a social affairs unit.  Completion rate is 95%.


4- An electricity distribution panel stands at a completion rate of 85%, which transfers the power generated from the solar power station (with a capacity of 26 megawatts) to the electric power supply network of the village.


 5- A tertiary treatment plant with a capacity of (2000/3000) m3/day at a cost of L.E.196 million with a completion rate of 85%.


6-  Fares water treatment plants (No. 1 and 2), with a capacity of 100 liters / sec, with a completion rate of 75%.


7- A the river marina and walkway at a cost of L.E.1.6 million with a 90% completion rate.


8- A project for the rehabilitation and lining of the marine branch of Fares Village and the intersection with Kalabsha Canal, 2.5 km long, at a cost of about L.E.5 million with a 100% completion rate.



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