JICA announces its support to education sector in Egypt



Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 11:56 GMT


Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 11:56 GMT

JICA supports education sector in Egypt

JICA supports education sector in Egypt

CAIRO - 24 January 2022: On the international day of Education, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) announced its support to the education Sector in Egypt.

JICA issued a statement reviewing its cooperation with the Egyptian state in the education sector.

“Out of JICA's belief that enhancement of Education system is a priority for economic growth and achieving social justice, the Egypt-Japan Education Partnership (EJEP) was launched during President El-Sisi’s visit to Japan in 2016, to support the nurturing of human resources that can contribute to Egypt’s economic and social development,” JICA stated.

JICA has been providing financial and technical support to all the stages of education of the Egyptian educational system, contributing to fostering the human resources that can contribute to Egypt’s public sector and industrial development

Early Childhood Education

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, JICA supports improving the quality of Early Childhood Education, which will in turn promote the healthy upbringing for Egyptian children through the dissemination of concepts such as “Learning through Play.” First phase of cooperation that targeted 50 nurseries have been completed, and currently preparations are underway for launching the second phase for targeting wider range of nurseries in more governorates especially in rural areas.

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english info


Basic Education

JICA is supporting the introduction of a Japanese educational practice known as 'Tokkatsu' in the Egyptian basic education through Egypt-Japan Schools which reached 48 schools operating in different governorates, with the expectation of more schools to open along the coming years. The Japanese model is aiming to nurture the students with a balanced development of social, emotional, and academic skills with cultivation of interpersonal skills.

Technical Education

JICA supports developing valuable and employable graduates by introducing practical technical education under “the Project for Enhancement of Technical Secondary Education”. One of the main objectives of the Project is to strengthen the linkage between the local companies and the technical schools for responding to the needs of labour market in Egypt.

The Project also introduces guidelines for teachers to promote students to acquire competencies such as Production according to Request, Safe Behaviour, 3S concept (Sort, Set in order, Shine), and Time Management.

Higher Education and Scientific Research

JICA has been supporting Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology for more than 10 years; the establishment and operation of the departments and schools including implementing practical engineering education, lab education, and seminar-style education, in cooperation with 13 Japanese supporting universities. JICA provided high-quality research equipment to the university and continue to support it to be a center of excellence for higher education and scientific research.

Human Resources Development Project (HRDP)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, JICA is supporting the development of knowledge and skills of the Egyptian youth through provision of ODA loan in order to support dispatching Egyptian students, researchers and trainees to Japan, in order to acquire the Japanese knowledge and know-how in various fields, including health and education in order to contribute to Egypt’s economic and social development on the long term.

ABE Initiative for Youth

Under the umbrella of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), over 80 participants from Egypt have been dispatched to Japan over the years starting since 2013, until now, for the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative). Participants are expected to contribute to Egyptian industries by making use of the knowledge and skills cultivated during their study at master’s courses at Japanese universities, as well as internship experience at Japanese companies.




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