Speaking to Sada el Balad talk show host Ahmed Moussa Saturday evening, Maait said he said the forum is now on the global agenda and it discusses issues of importance to the entire world, such as human rights and climate.

He said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s interest in youth started the day he took office, as he believes in the ideas of young people and their ability to think.

Maait lauded the importance Sisi attaches to women, citing the high female representation in parliament.

As for increasing prices, he said the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic led to increasing prices of food products worldwide and consequently it affected their price at home.

He said Egypt lost 400 billion pounds over the past two years because of repercussions of coronavirus on education and health but the implementation of economic reforms have helped the country address these repercussions.

As for the Decent Life initiative, he said it is one of the biggest national projects currently being implemented in the country and it will help improve living conditions and address the problem of poverty.