Planning Minister Hala el Saeid Sunday unveiled details about the MTP, which, she said, will also allow a bigger private sector participation starting from outline to implementation.

The MTP will take into consideration the positive impact of a national project to develop the Egyptian countryside, aka “Decent Life”, Saeid assured during an expanded meeting with senior officials at her Ministry earlier today.

The meeting took up steps to draft the (2022/2023 -2024/2025) MTP – a green plan that takes into account all environmental aspects.

This plan should help preserve the environment, counter climate change and support the green economy, the minister noted.

She underscored the importance of launching a societal dialogue with all segments and age groups, not to mention the private sector and NGOs. Experts and youth should as well engage in the dialogue, together with parliamentarians, whose role, Saeid stressed, should not only be to revise and endorse the plan.

Improving the quality of life of Egyptians remains the main goal behind all development efforts, the minister noted.